Sustainability Debating Competition at the EPM Izmir

1Dear AEGEEans,
Are you coming to the EPM Izmir? Would you like to win an Interrail ticket and travel through Europe in 2019? Here is your chance!
Apply for the Sustainability Debating Competition organized by the Civic Education Working Group, which will take place during the EPM Izmir! The topic of the competition will be sustainability and the two best debaters will be awarded an Interrail ticket.
How can you apply? By filling this form: by 07.02.2018 12:00 local time.
What will you have to do during the competition:
– When the application period is closed, we will announce the motion of the first round of the competition. You will have at least one day to prepare pro and con arguments for this motion.
– Next day the competition will take place during the parallel slots. First, you will have to draw a paper stating ‘in favour’ or ‘against. Then you will have to present your speech to the jury in favour of or against the earlier given motion. (The speech will have to be maximum 3 minutes long, but you will be given more precise instructions when the motion is announced.)
– As soon as everyone presented their speeches, the jury will select the 6 finalists. During the time the jury makes their decision you will get a short training on debating, good argumentation.
– When the jury makes their decision, the 6 finalists and the motion of the final debate will be announced. The finalists will be randomly selected into 2 groups: in favour of the motion and against the motion.
– The finalists will have 15 minutes to prepare their arguments for the Oxford Style debate. During this time the rest of the participants, as the audience will come up with questions for the finalists.
– The Oxford Style debate takes place, in which the audience can take an active part as well.
– After the debate, the jury will select the 2 best debaters and the winners will be announced after the competition during a plenary.
You can find more information about debating and different debate styles in this document:
During the last two weeks of January, we will also organize preparatory Skypes so you can learn more about debating and the debate on sustainability.
For more information on the Skypes and the competition follow our event: or write us at
We are looking forward to your application!
Good luck!
Civically yours,
the Civic Education Working Group

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