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Open-call for EQAC members


Dear Network,

EQAC team invites you to join Events world and become a member of the comission! Applications should be send till November 19th, 12:00 CET to email

As the current team of the Events Quality Assurance Committee (EQAC) is reaching the end of its term, we would like to announce the Open Call for November 2017- October 2018.

This open-call is for reach a number of members of Committee, each member will have General Task as well as Specific Task, related to:

General Tasks:

  1. Assessing Events of the locals.

  2. Managing the evaluation of events.

  3. Communication with locals according to process of organizing events. (Members have a local distribution and each is in charge of a few networks)

  • PR responsible (2)

Your tasks will be:


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Plan your Autumn, it’s NWMs time!

NWM-2016We are happy to announce the hosting locals of the next round of Network Meetings (NWM)! You can start thinking to which Network Meeting you would like to apply and make your plans for Autumn. Here in the picture you can find dates and hosting locals; it looks like a busy end of the year for everybody.

AEGEE-Ploiesti, AEGEE-Cagliari, AEGEE-Manchester, AEGEE-Barcelona, AEGEE-Zielona-Gora, AEGEE-Beograd, AEGEE-Leiden, AEGEE-Aachen, AEGEE-Ankara, AEGEE-Movska and the Network Commission are waiting for you in order to build the Network of the future!

But, what is a Network Meeting?

  • A Network Meeting is a meeting open to all AEGEE members, targeted at board members of all the AEGEE locals in the area of competence of each member or assistant of the Network Commission.
  • This meeting has an adm...
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SUPS: Summer University POWER School




Even though the abbreviation stands for Summer University Project School, it sure is the power source for the organizers of Summer Universities.

For 11 years this great school has educated AEGEEans to make them better organizers, helpers and even participants. All those years countless benefits are provided to the project especially last year: all newly elected SUCT members were the participants of SUPS Izmir’14!

As the project develops itself year by year changes and improvements are inevitable. Among the many highlights of this year there are: GREEN SU, more Action Agenda ACTivities, inclusion of disabled people, extra award categories. As Outgoing Responsibles are the best allies of the project, their duties and importance are revised and strengthened as well.

Of course it is no...

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Quality Events Manual – How to organise your event?


The Quality Assurance Committee is proud to present the Quality Events Manual,
which contains all the necessary information for you and your locals about event organising
and hosting a successful event!

The Manual aims to guide you through the stages of organising an event, from the planning phase,
through developping the thematics to how to maintain cooperation and efficient communication among
organisers, participants, trainers etc.

Among other things, you can also take a look at the Quality Indicators – 10 steps for organising a quality event! –
which is providing you with all the necessary information and a step-by-step explanation of organising your event.

You can download the Quality Events Manual through the link.

Enjoy reading and looking forward to receiving your event applica...

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