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Why evaluation is important?


Although it’s the first day of autumn, there are some Summer Universities that still continue! The last one, organized by AEGEE-Leon, «On the Way of St. James vol.4: Looking to the south», AEGEE-Istanbul and AEGEE-Izmir «TURCOPERATION: SUltans on the Way» and the very last one by AEGEE-Tekirdag, «Survivor in Thrace» that will end on 8th of September. But there is something that better not to put off till tomorrow, or the last day of the deadline – evaluation of Summer University by participants.


This is how organizers ask participants to evaluate Summer University. 

Summer University Coordination Team would like to explain why it is so important for us, for organizers and for participants as well!

So, talking about us, SUCT, it’s quite easy – our main task is to check and help...

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Perfect participant: how to become one?

So, you are participant this time. First time or not, but these advice are useful for everyone!

Remember that all organizers are volunteers

Despite the fact that participants are paying the fee in order to attend Summer University, there is no such thing as salary for organizers. All money is paid to cover the costs of lodging, transport, food, entrances to museums and clubs and other things.  The only thing they will receive in return is experience which is priceless and your personal evaluation.

7CW2mdCBe the part of the group and socialize

When it is your first Summer University you might be surprised by the fact that participants spend almost all the time with the group...

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Perfect organizer: mother, brother, best friend and psycologist


There is a moment when you organize your first, second, third summer university and feel that you became so close with your participants as they are your own kids. You sacrifice your time, your nerves, even your personal life sometimes to make everything perfect and satisfy them. And at the same time you are ready to kill them all when they are asking you obvious questions.

We are all perfectionists and most of us are ready to die but organize the best Summer University ever so coffee and energizers become your best friends few days before and during the project. But you have to remember that physically you cannot control everything and stay awake 24 hours  7 days a week. Your health is more important than anything else. It’s possible to have a rest during SU...

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