The finalists of the debate competition by CEWG


Dear all,

we are proud to announce the finalists for the debate competition at EPM! One week is left preparing the big moment when the four teams will debate on the topic “This house believes that national referendums should be forbidden in representative democracies.”

Here are the competitors:

Team 1: Aleksandar Karatosho+Marijana Asprovska  

Team 2: Álvaro González+Domen Brus  

Team 3: Willem Laurentzen+Lisan Viveen  

Team 4: Borja Torres+Jesús Pérez Gil  

The winning team will receive Interrail Tickets, with which they can travel through whole Europe.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the pre-round! It were really interesting debates. To give you a glimpse of that you can watch the videos from the debate on the topic “This house believes that people older than 70 should not vote”:

  • 1st speech: Willem Laurentzen+Lisan Viveen (listen)
  • 2nd speech: Marijana Asprovska   (watch)
  • 3rd speech: Willem Laurentzen+Lisan Viveen (part 1, 2 and 3)
  • 4th speech: Aleksandar Karatosho (watch)

Enjoy watching and see you at the final debates at EPM Zagreb, or you can also watch the online live stream* of the debate!

Debatingly yours

Doro & Bálint

*live stream link will be published on the Fanpage of the event


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