(to-be-ratified) CIA v.30.2

Dear Network,

We would like to announce to you that the Corpus Iuridicum AEGEEnse has been improved in order to make it grammatically correct and more coherent in general, we made several revisions in line with Statutes Article 29(4)

We have corrected orthographical, punctuation and syntax errors; we have also updated references and unified the way some words are used and written. Besides the General Rules, we have corrected outdated Article references in the Working Format of the Mediation Commission All the changes are marked in red (removed signs and letters) or blue (added signs and letters). We’ve also compiled a list of the changes at the end of this email, for the exact details please consult the document itself.

We originally planned to also use this opportunity to introduce gender-inclusive pronouns in the entire CIA, but we’ve come to realise this is outside of the scope of Article 29(4).

You are welcome to give feedback either there or via an email to us. Also please let us know if you have any questions or objections.

We address our warmest gratitude to everyone; especially Calvin Breakwell (AEGEE-Sheffield), the Comité Directeur, our assistant as well as subcommissioners who dedicated their time and efforts to improve the CIA together with us.  According to Statutes, this updated CIA will be presented for the Agora ratification at the upcoming Agora.

We will of course continue to try and improve the CIA and hope that this new one will be an inspiration for your activities, plans, and challenges for the upcoming term!


Yusuf Tırıçoğlu & Heiko Kirchner
Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe

Changes – overview

– changed American English expressions to British English
– removed misplaced commas
– consistently wrote specific AEGEE terms with a capital first letter: Local, President, Secretary General, Financial Director, Health Indicators System, Policy on Banning People
– replaced “trainings” by “training” or “training sessions”
– fixed generic grammar, orthographical and syntax mistakes
– consistently used articles with Commissions and CD (e.g. the Network Commission)
– consistently used “city” instead of town/city
– fixed a pasting mistake in Art 3 (1) of the Antennae Criteria
– consistently removed articles before AEGEE-Academy (AEGEE-Academy is…)
– removed articles before AEGEE in the Charter of Honorary Members
– corrected instances of “right” being used in singular without an article (“they have voting right”)
– changed references to the Mediation Commission from Art. 29 to Art. 30
– fixed paragraph numbering in Art. 5 of the Antennae Criteria

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