When compulsory means interesting


“Crazy experience”, “friends”, “best summer of my life”, “sun and beaches” and many other words will be said by a new member who just joined AEGEE to go to Summer University if you ask him how was it. For sure, any Summer University is an amazing opportunity to explore new countries, culture, traditions, meet new friends and have fun. Summer University project is the most popular and the oldest one in AEGEE and there are no doubts that once you go to SU your life might be changed. However, when summer is over and participants recover from post-SU syndrome, sometimes not many fresh members can say what’s AEGEE and what does it strive for.

So, how can we help new members to become active? Or at least how can we help them to understand the mechanism of our actions while achieving our goals? In the end, how can we explain what is Action Plan and what aims do we have there during hot summer days?

Ok, there is the sessions about AEGEE presentation that every Summer University organizers must do (and they are also availiable for downloading) but it’s not enought to show participants that AEGEE it’s not a travel agency. That’s why we have compulsory sessions! 

It might sound quite boring for some people, although, they can be the tool to teach more, to share and to gain new knowledge – both useful for participants and organizers!

Compulsory sessions are special sessions that comply the main focus areas of Action agenda, a part of Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe 2011-2014. With the help of them, during the Summer University you can raise the knowledge of many AEGEE aspects and explain many important thing. In the end you can motivate people to come back home and become active!

This year compulsory sessions are available for such topics:

  1. Spreading Europtimism,
  2. Yout Employment,
  3. Youth Mobility,
  4. Civic Education.
  5. Nationalism
  6. Intercultural Communication

Unfortunately there is no material to cover the “Nationalism” topic, so those who chose it for talking about during the Summer University have to think of the content by themselves or change it to another one.

Action Agenda Committee with the help of CD-member created the full pack of documents.  Therefore, the participants of the Summer Universities will gain some general knowledge of Intercultural Communication and an understanding of culture. The easier way to do it is to download them (http://www.projects.aegee.org/suct/su2014/pr_material.php) and choose two you need, but we do not want to limit your creativity, so you are free to do them in the way you like!


What will you find there?

Most of materials for sessions are represented so that the topic could be covered in the best and efficient way. Some of them contain of presentations and pdf-file with the plan of activities, some have guidelines.

For example, type of materials  and ideas how can you allocate the time dedicated to one session will be specified there:


What’s more?

Apart from topic announced before, Intercultural Communication session was created as it is one of the main purposes of AEGEE. Therefore, the participants of the Summer Universities have to gain some general knowledge of Intercultural Communication and an understanding of culture.

The learning process about culture takes place at each Summer University implicitly, already just by bringing together so many people from different European nationalities, putting them in one place and letting them interact. To explain the experiences that the participants are having and to illustrate and support the learning process with some explicit knowledge, we have prepared for you some basic intercultural knowledge to present at your Summer University.

So, after opening GUIDE INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION SESSION you will find a lot of practical advice and even games:


Last but not the least – these sessions are called compulsory and there is even a punishement for locals who refuse to provide them. You will get zero points for compulsory sessions in the final evaluation…so are you sure you can manage to keep your high score?

So, choose, download and make the #summerofyourlife happen!

Summerly yours,

Anna, Francesca, Gerardo, Kathrin, Tercio.