When two heads are better than one


The wonderful time of brainstorming, creating the route and imagining the perfect Summer University has started officially. Main coordinators, Incoming Responsible and Treasurers of every local that would like to organize any type of SU have to be chosen to submit the information about the dates, program, learning objectives and many other things until the 12 of January. To make the team’s life a bit easier Working Groups and Project Teams are here to help you with the ideas of the theme and all the following information. And SUCT is here to explain what benefits you will have.

  1. More focus on the theme

One of the strongest reasons for the collaboration is the help from any WG/PT with focusion on the theme. Let’s see what themes do we have this year and how different WG/PT can help you:

  • Arts/Creativity/Cooking
  • Environment
  • History and local culture
  • Language
  • Politics and active participation
  • Sports
  • Trainings
  • Volunteering
  • Other

When you are choosing between several themes you can take a look at the Guideline booklet that SUCT prepared to you – all the names of the bodies, contact info and explanation of what they do in general and how can they help with the creating the content is included!

The explanation of the reasons of the cooperation and the aim of any WG/PT is one of the first things that you will see. Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT): «When thinking about what activities to organize, locals often think of their own members and local first. What is easily forgotten is that we are a part of a big European network. AEGEE-Europe has a clear vision and identity that all AEGEEans strive to work on. To achieve the aims and objectives we as AEGEE stand for we draft an Action Agenda each year during the EBM. And it is very easy for each local, either big or small, to organize activities that contribute to these goals! The ACT is here to help all locals with organizing these activities. If you want to contribute to all the big goals and visions we as AEGEEans stand for, try to organize an activity that contributes to the Action Agenda!» What’s more they provide the topic and learning objectives and a lot of ideas for the activities.  For example if you would like to have volunteering or politics and active participation but you have no idea what is the best way to make it interesting for participants – ask Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT):

Possible Activities:

  • Activity 1 Voluntary work
  • Activity 2 Workshop on Yvote
  • Activity 3 Visit an NGO

And you can find something interesting for any of themes!

  1. No worries for the content.

The amazing things that connect every board of any WG or PT is their dedication to the topic they work on. They are extremely motivated and working-hard AEGEEans who are willing to help in organizing SU in any country and local. Will it be cultural SU or the one focused on the Environment – they have plenty of ideas to share! Tereza Andari Miksikova ( AEGEE-Brno) whose antennae collaborated with cultural working group shares her experience: « With the help of CWG our antenna organized thematic culture activites as Czech language course, traditional food for lunches, Czech history workshop about the division of Czechoslovakia, Czech movie night, European night with traditional costumes, drinks and food and also national anthems of every country, city tours in three different cities, city-rally focused on legends, Czech night in wine cellar with wine tasting of Moravian wines, pub-crawling with different Czech brands of beer, thematic workshop about Easter traditions in Czech, visit of UNESCO villa and also château and many others….ufff, it was really full of culture! »

With the knowledge and the base they have it is easy for them, so do not hesitate to apply for cooperation.

  1. Promotion even from the body. Good PR.

One of the best things that any SU-team works on is PR. The facebook pages, web-sites and twitter accounts are spreading before the start of the application period and it reminds a hige local market where each seller is trying to take customer to his shop. Spring Agora as the biggest statutory event is also an amazing place for the promotion, but not this year as it will be held in May, after the application process will be finished. That’s why cooperation might be very helpful. First of all, it gives SU some points when the cooperation is done. Second thing is the wider variety of ways to promote you SU – WG’s/PT’s pages and web-sites. The third and very important thing is their experience with doing PR that we cannot omit.

  1. Experienced trainers for workshops.

One more amazing things about the cooperation is that the body is looking for the trainers whose travelling is paid from SUCT. For example you would like to focus on Erasmus + mobility program but there are not many people who are aware of this topic in your city – contact Europe in Exchange project. They already worked on it and have experienced representatives who would love to explain the improvements of the program and answer all the questions.

Take a look at what they suggest to you:

 Possible Activities 

  • Activity 1 Interactive presentations and creative workshops
  • Activity 2 Discussions and exchanging experiences of different mobility programs
  • Activity 3 Simulation games

Possible Trainers on this topic

Nora Abdel-Salam: nora.abdelsalam@gmail.com

Sanja Zivanovic: sanja.zivanovic1@gmail.com

Spyroula Masiala: spiroula.masiala@gmail.com


  1. The fight against stereotype that AEGEE events are only about drinking alcohol  and partying

We cannot deny that parties are one of the things why we love Summer Universities. However, we all agree that Summer University is much more than it. The weak program and lack of thematic activities will not make the participants happy. And think of new member that will make their opinion by attending SU. Any organizer wants to show his countries culture and teach local language, prove that his team knows how to create amazing day-by-day program by choosing interesting workshops. Cooperation with any WG or PT is the contribution for breaking stereotype about «SU means lying on the beach and drinking cocktails».  Let’s take a look at what every project is and how it can help local organizers:


  • AEGEE – Academy is a group of young, motivated trainers from all over Europe who are the official pool of trainers of AEGEE aiming to provide high quality non-formal education trainings that facilitate the self-development of our trainees. Local organizers can cooperate with the Academy in order to provide high quality trainings. This will attract AEGEE members that want to combine visiting a place and exploring its culture together with getting trained in one field or various ones (Soft skills, Event management, PR, FR etc)


  • The Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) is the body that deals with the Action Agenda and the Strategic Plan. The main task of the team is to help locals understand the AA and SP and to help them to organize activities that contribute to the aims and objectives of the Action Agenda.


  • Cultural Working Group(CWG) tries to improve Cultural aspects in AEGEE and to involve people interested in culture. The CWG is a platform which allows all of us to see the fact that we are surrounded by culture: music, theater, cinema, and all kinds of art and history.


  • Eastern Partnership Project (EaP) is dedicated to six countries addressed by the Eastern Partnership Program of the EU – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Through EaP actions we want to link the East with the West of our continent. The SU is a perfect opportunity to exchange knowladge and experience between the youth form the EU and the EaP region, make both sides more aware of each other realities and make closer ties between the

             images (2)

  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) believes in a more respectful way of doing things: Sustainability! Sustainability is not only about ‘green stuff’ but a fair, more respectful way of living yours and the others lives. The EnWG will present it in an entertaining way while doing all the awesome stuff you usually do in any SU.


  • Europe in Exchange is an AEGEE-Europe project which aims to give all the students and young people in Europe and neighboring countries the possibility to take part in mobility programs. ! The aim of such event is to provide a general overview of the current youth mobility programs, including the possibilities offered by the Erasmus+, and ways for young people and antennae to benefit from them.images (1)
  • Health4Youth is a very unique project, because we’re the only ones who tackle healthy lifestyle topic in AEGEE. What makes us worthwhile to cooperate with is the fact that participants have a great time learning about healthy lifestyle and go home with practical knowledge. As the project related to the healthy lifestyle and healthy habits, our goal is to spread this idea to the European youth. What they can provide are basically workshops organized by well experienced trainers with the educational background from field of medical, nutritional and similar studies

.         554876_420467081381038_236475705_n

  • The Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) was established in order to make human rights more visible in the Network and in Europe and is aiming to create a more inclusive Europe in which everybody can exert their human rights, without living in fear or being condemned HRWG can provide a big variety of relevant and intriguing topics, such as Human Rights Education, Nationalism/Xenophobia/ Racism/Immigration, LGBT rights, equality and ideas on how to make workshops and other activities that the participants will love and be able to learn a lot.


  • Language Workig Group(LWG) – learn one or more languages. It could be combined with workshops about other languages aspects (sterotypes, policies, communication skills ). Offered languages: Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Chamacoco, English, Turkish, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, German, French, Russian, Georgian, Greek, Portuguese and Slovak.


  • International Politics Working Group (IPWG)  is the meeting point for AEGEE members interested in politics in Europe and beyond. You will find discussions about international affairs where you can have your say, as well as interesting projects such as Election Observation trainings and involvement in Model United Nations or Model European Union. From a cooperation with the IPWG you can experience international politics, decision making processes and get a better insight about international organisations.
  • The Chair Team is responsible for the preparation and coordination of two Agorae and one European Boards’ Meeting, the three statutory meetings of AEGEE that take place every year. Together with some other AEGEE Agora freaks, we can do a Agora simulation Summer University. During the whole programme, we will have agora-like meetings. Participants can draft their own proposals which will be discussed in prytania and plenaries. Also potential proposals for the future and proposals from the past can be studied as case examples.

So find the guidline that we all created for you, dear organizers here: http://www.projects.aegee.org/suct/su2014/

And don’t forget that the deadline is 12 of January, so do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today :)

Summerly yours,

Andrea, Anna, Francesca, Gerardo and Kathrin