Spreading Europtimism Working Group

In line with the four Focus Areas of AEGEE-Europe, there are currently four Working Groups. One of them is the Spreading Europtimism Working Group. Europtimism means to inform about the European project, to point out the achievements of a unified Europe and to push new debates and actions in order to strengthen European integration. It also means being critical concerning negative developments and not taking anything for granted. In the last years the European project has faced a severe loss of popularity and its citizens are even questioning its viability. Lately, mostly the negative aspects are being voiced not only concerning Great Britain, leaving aside all the benefits that a strong European Union can have for our continent. This creates a dangerous trend, since it stops the process of European integration and weakens the influence of the EU and its values in other European countries.
This working group aims at reconnecting young people to the European project and creating solidarity bonds among them.

Together with the Comité Directeur and other bodies, the Spreading Europtimism Working Group supports the AEGEE network to make sure that we all together fulfil the objectives of the Action Agenda and the Strategic Plan in general.

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