Youth Employment Working Group


The Youth Employment Working Group aims to give the members information on how to enter the job market, what the youth rights on labour market are or how to get prepared for a job interview. As the Policy Officer is also the part of the Working Group our job covers also advocacy and representation.

The Strategic Plan 2014-2017 states that the aim of our association when it comes to Youth Employment is to “ease the transition from the education system to the labour market for young Europeans”.

According to that, and based on the Action Agenda 2016-2017 the objectives in need of implementation are the following:

Objective 1: Organize 50 activities reaching out to 750 participants on providing young people with relevant skills to enter the job market. .

Objective 2: Create guidelines on how to present skills acquired in AEGEE on a CV and share them with at least 750 members.

This year, our approach is based on the idea that the internal education of the Network comes first. This is the basis of our plans which are the following:

  • Creating thematic cycles of activities for our antennae
  • Having events dedicated to youth employment related matters
  • Collecting data through internal and external surveys for the implementation of the second objective (guidelines)
  • Educating the Network on various related issues through a series of webinars.
  • Host online discussions on matters related to youth employment.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us through our facebook page or through email at