World Environmental Day 2019

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Together we can  #BeatAirPollution! – World Environmental Day 2019

Dear AEGEEans,

Did you know that June 5th is the World Environment Day 2019? The Civic Education Working Group and the Society and Environment Interest Group would like to invite you to take part in this international campaign together!

#What is World Environment Day? It is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Starting in 1974, the event has grown to become a global platform for public outreach in over 100 countries. The theme for the World Environment Day 2019 is “Air pollution”.

#Your Action is needed to #BeatAirPollution! Your local can take on (some of) these simple challenges on your social media accounts:

    1. Do the Face Mask Photo Challenge! Post photos wearing a ‘face mask’ (group or individual photos) on June 5th. Face masks are a symbol to show leaders we want to breathe clean air, as in many cities around the world face masks are a part of daily reality due to air pollution. Check the example of the United Nations here. Note: we made our version of the challenge a bit simpler!

    2. Not enthusiastic about the mask photo? Share one of the following educational posters on your social media. You can find the official posters here.

    3. Write which of the following actions you are taking, in the caption under your photos/posters on social media:

  • Use public transport or car sharing, cycle or walk.

  • Switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle and request electric taxis.

  • Reduce your consumption of meat and dairy to help cut methane emissions.

  • Compost organic food items and recycle non-organic trash.

  • Save energy: turn off lights and electronics when not in use.1

    4. Use the hashtags: #WorldEnvironmentDay #BeatAirPollution #GetCivic #GetSustainable. Additionally, feel free to tag us in your posts, so we can reshare the best pics! Tag CEWG on Facebook @cewgaegee or SEIG on Instagram @society.environment.aegee.

For more actions to #BeatAirPollution, check this link.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or We are looking forward to your input!

Environmentally and civically yours,

The Society and Environment Interest Group and the Civic Education Working Group of AEGEE-Europe


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