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Info about the statutory events applications

What you are seeing here is the fourth release of a general web application tool for AEGEE statutory meetings. Valuable insight and experience was initially provided by the organizers of the AGORA in Utrecht (Spring 2000), the PM Szeged (Autumn 2000) and PM Enschede (Spring 2003) as well as by all organizers and chair teams that have been using the system.
For the PM in Enschede (Spring 2003) the application has been fully rewritten, and extended with an administrative interface for organizers and chair team to manage all the applications, and register participants online upon arrival.
AGORAs differ from normal events in that group applications - as opposed to individual applications - have to be taken care of; this implies the need for local boards to be able to review and change a submitted application during the application phase.
PMs, EBMs and EPMs differ from normal events in that workshop assignments (either based on one or two time slots) are directly linked to each individual application.
The application data are stored using the freely available SQL database server "MySQL" and the "PHP" scripting language. The connection with the Intranet accounts is done using the "LDAP" protocol.

Webmaster & suggestions

The first application software has been written by Philipp von Klitzing. For the PM Enschede (Spring 2003) it has been totally rewritten by Wim van Ravesteijn. For suggestions feel free to contact the webmaster.

In case you find bugs, or have a request for a new feature, use the AEGEE bug tracker


Version 4.19 (09.04.2016)
  • feature: add photo for candidates.
Version 4.17 (16.08.2015)
  • feature: allow contacts to upload memberlist.
Version 4.14 (10.09.2014)
  • bug fix: prevent editing of application of somebody else instead of creating a new one when browsing old applications during application.
Version 4.13 (01.02.2014)
  • bug fix: also save nationality for logged in users when candidating.
Version 4.12 (04.08.2013)
  • feature: select currency of membership fee in memberlist upload;
  • feature: make membership fee compulsory in memberlist upload;
  • feature: making memberlist confirmation fool-proof and improved usability for Network Director;
  • feature: include vegan in meals selection.
Version 4.11 (19.03.2013)
  • bug fix: only consider delegates when counting present locals for quorum;
  • bug fix: manual setting of deadline for candidates should always be used;
  • bug fix: opening date for candidates should be inclusive.
Version 4.10 (28.06.2012)
  • security: salt locally stored passwords before hashing.
Version 4.09 (21.03.2012)
  • security: prevent session fixation;
  • feature: automatically select body based on membership in intranet;
  • feature: add place of birth in application form.
Version 4.08 (22.01.2012)
  • feature: extra fields for visa applications: passport issuing authority, issuing date, expiration date and embassy.
Version 4.07 (25.06.2011)
  • feature: modular authentication system, currently authenticating against Intranet;
  • feature: popup to send a mail is now on the same page instead of new window;
  • feature: use of ajax to display candidates.
Version 4.06 (22.01.2011)
  • feature: bodies can upload members list instead of just filling in the number.
Version 4.05 (03.03.2010)
  • feature: make radio and checkbox labels clickable;
  • bug fix: prevent people from typing names with capitals only;
  • feature: more flexible deadline setup for candidating.
Version 4.04 (10.08.2009)
  • feature: make it possible to disable account logins, and provide support for independent login.
Version 4.03 (19.03.2009)
  • feature: public statistics about applications (applied also backwards to previous applications).
Version 4.02 (12.08.2007)
  • bug fix: check if application opened before showing application form;
  • feature: blog functionality for chair team;
  • feature: new login method for Contacts (instead of export password).
Version 4.01 (08.03.2007)
  • feature: candidating online;
  • bug fix: allow usernames with quotes (') in them.
Version 4.00 (04.08.2006)
  • merged the applications with the website design;
  • included unicast characters (non-latin);
  • account login for editing applications;
  • account login for board login (instead of export passwords);
  • possibility for boards to fill in the number of members for their local.
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