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The Agora ExplainedPublic access   Created: 17.10.2010 23:06:22
Dear Network,

This guide will give you an insight in all the things happening at the biannual General Assembly of AEGEE-Europe, called the Agora.
The guide is divided in three parts; first explaining what should be prepared by the locals beforehand and then giving an overview of all the things happening during the actual event. In the end you can find a summary of CIA regulations concerning the votings and elections taking place in Leiden.
In case you are a relatively new AEGEE member, please attend the “AEGEE for newbies”-session on the arrival day (thursday 14:30 – 15:00pm). If this is your first Agora, please also join the “Agora Speed Course” (thursday 15:00 – 16:00pm).

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact to us at:

Your Chairteam 2010
Sido + Katja + Patrick + Anita + Seren

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Agenda Autumn Agora IstanbulPublic access   Created: 08.10.2010 23:54:01
Dear Network,

Attached you can find the agenda for Autumn Agora Istanbul.


The Chair Team 2010
Anita + Katja + Patrick + Seren + Sido

Portable Document Format (PDF)Agenda Autumn Agora Istanbul74,7 KBview   download

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+open call+ signing Convention d'Adhesion in Agora IstanbulPublic access   Created: 05.09.2010 13:29:09
Dear Network,

Agora Istanbul is getting close, and it's time for our new friends to join
officially our Network!

All the Contacts planning to sign *Convention d'Adhesion* at the upcoming
Agora are strongly recommended to carefully follow all the necessary steps
(as below).

In order to sign Convention d'Adhesion you must:

1. send to Juridical Commission ( your
**Statutes**(both in English and in the official language of your
country) in order to
be checked and approved;

2. send to Network Director ( your **Members List**,
keeping in mind that you should have at least 10 members;

3. send to Network Director ( your **Activity Plan** for
the upcoming 12 months.

The *deadline* to send all your documents is *12 September 2010, 23.59 BXL

In case of doubts just don't hesitate to approach your Network Commissioner,
Network Director or Juridical Commission!


Network Director (Anita), Network Director-elect (Alfredo) & Juridical
Commission (Martin & Agata)

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OPEN CALL for candidates (Agora Istanbul)Public access   Created: 05.09.2010 13:27:45
Dear Network,

Hereby we will send you the open positions for which elections will be held
at the next Agora in Istanbul.

- Audit Commission: Elections for the 3 members of the Audit Commission for
the term until the next Agora.
- Juridical Commission: Elections for the 2 members of the Juridical
Commission for the term until the next Agora.
- Members Commission: Elections for the 4 members of the Members Commission
for the term until the next Agora.
- Network Commission: Elections for 5 members of the Network Commission for
an one year term.
- Summer University Coordination Team: Elections for 4 members of the SUCT
for an one year term.

Chairperson of the Agora/EBM
Elections for the Chair of the Agora/EBM for a period of one year.

Secretary of the Agora/EBM
Elections for the Secretary of the Agora/EBM for a period of one ordinary

The Procedure:

All candidates have to fill in the online candidature application form which
can be found at or at

You will receive an e-mail about the status of your application.

The deadline to submit your candidature is set at September 19th 2010, 23.59
Bxl time.
If after that time there are less candidates than places for a certain
the deadline will be extended until the opening of the Agora for this
certain position and will not be closed
in case the amount of places for that certain position is reached within the
extended deadline.
Then, after 19 October 2010 the online system will be closed and you will
can candidate ONLY by approaching directly the Juridical Commission at the

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! (
We are looking forward to receive your candidatures.

Europeanly yours,

Martin & Agata

The Juridical Commission
Agora Leiden - Istanbul

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OPEN CALL for proposals to change the CIA (Agora Istanbul)Public access   Created: 05.09.2010 13:26:56; modified: 05.09.2010 16:25:23
Dear Network,

This is an e-mail by the Juridical Commission for submitting on time
proposals about changes of CIA in the upcoming AGORA. You can start sending
your proposals from today until the 13th of September 2010, (23.59 BXL

So if you desire to change a part of the "CORPUS JURIDICUM AEGEEnse",
you have three weeks to give your contribution with your proposals.

Below you can find the general guidelines you should follow in order to
make your proposals as clear as possible.

Finally, you always can submit to the STATUTORY-REFORMS-L (List for
discussing possible reforms of the Statute of AEGEE).



a. There must be ONE proposals PER TOPIC. This means that
'packet-proposals' or proposals that contain a series of changes about
different things cannot be accepted.
b. Trace all the relevant parts of the CIA that are related to the
change you want to bring about with your proposal. Read very carefully
these parts of the CIA. Please make sure that the change you want to
propose is not something already mentioned in the CIA. (In case you have
doubts, ask the Juridical Commission to inform you).
c. You must be READY to PRESENT the PROPOSAL in front of the AGORA.
It is essential that you will be phisically present to the Agora.
d. Presenting the proposal at the Agora means that you must have
SPEAKING RIGHTS and therefore, it is important that your status at the
Agora is that of a Delegate or an Envoy but not of a Visitor.


a. After having identified the part of the CIA, you would like to
change, copy and paste these parts on a separate Word Sheet. Put your name
(and email address where to contact you) and the name of the proposal
you are about to draw, as title for this document.
b. Trace carefully the articles/sections, sentences/phrases that you
would like to change.
c. When you want to delete a phrase use the "strikethrough" efffect
from the FONTS function of your computer.
d. If you want to add OR replace a deleted phrase/word with a new
one, just write down the new word/phrase and underline it OR set it in
bold characters OR use a different colour to indicate the suggested
e. Go on like this, with the rest of the parts that you want to


a. So, you have finished the proposal, read it carefully and see if
this is what you really wanted?
b. Accompany your proposal with an INTRODUCTION - a short paragraph
that will address briefly the reasons motivating your changes i.e.
explain the reasons why you belive that the current CIA parts should change,
and also the ways in which the Association will benefit from this
change, in case it is accepted by the Agora.


When your proposal is ready, please send it to the Juridical Commission (
AND to the Secretary General of AEGEE Europe (

So again, the strict deadline is 13th of September 2010, 23.59 BXL time! Any
proposal sent after the deadline will NOT be taken into consideration.

Looking forward to receiving good quality proposals.

Europeanly yours,

Martin & Agata

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Open Call for Workshops – Autumn Agora 2010 IstanbulPublic access   Created: 05.09.2010 13:25:23
Dear Network,

it is our pleasure to invite all of you who are interested in giving a
workshop at the Autumn Agora 2010 in Istanbul to submit your
applications. The Autumn Agora will take place between the 21th-24th of

A workshop´s duration is approximately 2 hours.

It is our concern to assure the quality of the workshops offered during
statutory meetings in AEGEE, therefore we would like you to keep the
following things in mind when submitting your workshop applications:

- what is your objective by giving this workshop and what will happen afterwards?
What do you want to change/implement with your workshop and what will be the benefit for (the members of) our association?
- how does your workshop relate to the Main Fields of Action and the Focus
Areas of AEGEE? The Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe with an overview of the
Focus Areas can be found at:
- workshops can be a good possibility to create new projects, inform/discuss about certain issues or to train certain skills, but should not only aim at recruiting new members for your team.
- you may also take into consideration to make us of external lecturers
- we will not approve applications for WS that have been given in the exact
same way during past statutory events, so please be creative and try
something new!

We will apply these criteria for the WS selection procedure, we will particularly take a close look at your methodology.

Please submit your WS application online NOT later than the 12th of september
2010 via:

If you have any further questions, you can contact us at

Best regards,

Your Chair Team
Sido + Katja + Patrick + Anita + Seren

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Open Call for Participants – Autumn Agora 2010 IstanbulPublic access   Created: 05.09.2010 13:24:18
Dear Network,

it is our pleasure to inform you that you can now apply to be a participant of the Autumn Agora Istanbul. The Agora will take place from 21st till 24th of october 2010 (with Thursday 21th being arrival and opening ceremony day and Monday, the 25th being the departure day).

Please note that the deadline for all applications (visa and non-visa) is the 12th of september 2010 (at 23:59 Bruxelles Time). Afterwards local Boards will have time until september 15th 2010 to approve the applications of their members online.

As usual, applying for a statutory meeting does NOT automatically mean that you are accepted. The list of accepted participants will be available around september 22nd.

How to apply?
Go to, choose ‘Agora Istanbul’ and click on 'My Application' in the left column.

Some comments:
We will not accept new applications after the deadline, no matter for what reasons the application was not handed in in time. Furthermore, be aware that delegates have to be elected by your local agora! When applying, please check that you filled out the form correctly before you submit it, since you won´t be able to change it. We will select delegates, visitors and envoys first since they have to be accepted to represent their bodies, the remaining places will be distributed to visitors according to the number of members of the Antennae.

Last but not least, for all your questions and queries, please contact us via

Looking forward to see you at the Agora!

The Chair Team 2010
Sido + Katja + Patrick + Anita + Seren

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