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Privacy statement Agora/EBM/EPM applications v1.03

This privacy statement is valid since July 23rd, 2008, and can at every moment be replaced with a newer version. The current version will always be available at the application page.

Privacy principles:

  • AEGEE-Europe stores your personal data for your application to Agora/EBM/EPM, and only uses your personal data for this purpose;
  • You have the right to request all personal data we store about you. Please contact the webmaster for this, or send an e-mail toE-mail headoffice;
  • You have the right to withdraw the permission to store your data. Please keep in mind that this will cancel your application. Exceptions to this rule can be made as mentioned below.
  • Six (6) months after the event, all personal data, except name and body, will be deleted. Only statistical data from all applications will be stored longer. From this statistical data it will not be possible to extract individual applications.
Data processing:
  • Your data will be stored in a database upon application;
  • An e-mail will be send to you, your local and to the organizing local with your application data;
  • In case you show interest in a post or pre event, this organizers will get access to your contact information as well and might be informed by e-mail;
  • Your data will be available in the database for you, the organizing local and the chair team, including the CD responsible for the Agora/EBM/EPM;
  • The local organisers reserve the right to utilise the data of the participants solely and exclusively for the purposes directly related to the arrangements in the organisation of the Agora/EBM/EPM. This data shall be deleted without any delay after the end of the statutory meeting;
  • When you are accepted as participant, your name and local will be published online. In case of EBM/EPM, also the workshop you are selected for will be published. In case there are different gyms available, it will be published in which gym you stay;
  • In case you cancel at the organizers, or you are rejected, you'll not be shown publicly online;
  • When the organizers decide to use the online registration system, your arrival status will be publicly available online. If you do not register before the end of the event while being accepted (this is not rejected or cancelled), you'll be shown as no-show;
  • In case you are no-show (being accepted but not registering with the organizers before the end of the event, and not cancelled your participation with the organizers), AEGEE-Europe has the right to store your name and local for another 2 (two) years. Name and local will be published online in the list with participants of the Agora/EBM/EPM, mentioning you did not show up. Being no-show means you loose the right to revoke your permission to store your data until 2 (two) years after the Agora/EBM/EPM;
  • Your data may be stored after the Agora/EBM/EPM for statistical use. It will never be given to other people then mentioned above.
Final word:
  • Country of data processing is The Netherlands;
  • Dutch law is fully applicable to this database;
  • Access to your data can be forced by Dutch court decision. AEGEE-Europe will fully cooperate with the legal authorities by decision of Dutch court;
  • AEGEE-Europe does its utmost best to protect your data, although they cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access outside its control (including, but not limited to hacking, theft of hardware and eavesdropping).