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Welcome at the 'Spring Agora Bergamo 2016 - Fly Forward' applications website

On this website you can apply, edit your application, accept the members of your local (for boards) and find the list of accepted participants.

Information about the event

This AGORA is organized by AEGEE-Bergamo in cooperation with AEGEE-Europe. It will take place between 18.05.2016 and 22.05.2016. The application opens on 01.03.2016 and will close on 31.03.2016 for visa applications and on 31.03.2016 for non-visa applications. Local boards have until 01.04.2016 to approve the applications of their members and assign a participant type.
If you have any questions about the event, please contact the application responsible of AEGEE-Bergamo: Serena Sambataro. For technical questions about the application, please contact the webmaster: Wim van Ravesteijn.

Privacy statement

View the current Privacy statement (v1.03).

How to ...

  • ... apply
    Click on 'My application' and then on the 'Apply now' link. You'll be asked to log in first. This will enable you to edit the application afterwards in case of changes. It will also give you the possibility to check if your local board has accepted your application, and which participant type and order they assigned you. Next to that, based on the data stored in your account we will try to pre-fill your application form.
    If you are member of a Contact, you don't have an Intranet account yet. Click on 'For Contacts' in the menu, and then on the 'Apply now' link. You will not be able to change your application after applying.
    Members of other bodies than Contacts that have forgotten their Intranet account, and are not able to recover it should use the 'Apply now' button on the 'For Contacts' page.
  • ... accept my members (for local boards)
    Click on 'Boards'. You'll have to log in with your Intranet account. The access is based on the 'is boardmember' field in the Address Book, so make sure the Address Book is up-to-date. If you are a board member of more than one body, you have to select a body from the list, otherwise you'll see immediately the info for your body.
    On this page you can also fill in the number of members your local has. When selecting visitors, this amount will be used. But, also the Treasurer of AEGEE-Europe as well as the Juridical Commission will use this number for your registration at the Agora, so make sure you'll fill in the right amount, otherwise you might have to pay for more members than you have.
    If you are a board member of a Contact, click on 'For Contacts' and log in with the password you will receive within 24 hours after the first application from your Contact has been made. This password will be send to the e-mail address of your Contact as registered in the Address Book.
  • ... see if I'm accepted
    To see if you are accepted, you can click on 'My application'. On this page you can see the status of your application. Next to that you can 'edit your application'. Without logging in you can click on 'Participant list' to see if you are on the list of all accepted participants.
    Please note: until you are accepted (meaning you are in the participants list) you are advised not to book any tickets, as only after the selection has been made you can be sure of your participation.