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Information about candidatures

On this page you can candidate for open positions, as well view the candidatures of other people. You can candidate from 14.07.2017 until 27.08.2017 23:59. If after that time there are less candidates than the available places plus 1 for a certain position, the deadline will be extended until the opening of the Agora (26.09.2017 23:59) for this certain positionand will not be closed in case the required amount for that certain position is reached within the extended deadline. Then, after 26.09.2017 23:59, the online system will be closed. Candidatures are only accepted via the online system, and not by other means. From 14.07.2017 you can see the candidatures online. Both approved and pending candidatures will be shown. Only for approved candidatures the details of the candidature will be visible.

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PositionVacant placesCandidatesOpen/closed 
Chairperson/ Vice-Chairperson of the Agora21closed 
Member of Audit Commission32closed 
Member of Mediation Commission 45closed 
Member of Network Commission54closed 
Member of Summer University Coordination Team 45closed 

Candidates for 'Member of Audit Commission'

NameLocalapprovedApplication date
MichaƂ SzyszkoAEGEE-WarszawaApproved23.09.2017 13:54:05
Oguzhan AyhanAEGEE-AnkaraApproved21.07.2017 15:25:49

Candidature of 'Oguzhan Ayhan' for 'Member of Audit Commission'

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Created:21.07.2017 15:25:49
Modified:21.07.2017 15:25:49
First name:Oguzhan
Family name:Ayhan
Date of birth:25 years old
Position:Member of Audit Commission
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