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TitleLeader(s)Time slotDescription
Action Agenda 2009 EvaluationChair, Projects DirectorfirstThis is not really a workshop, but rather an evaluation session.

Just like it happened with the presentations of Activity Reports and Activity Plans during the Agora, the Chair Team decided to not discuss the evaluation of the Action Agenda 2009 during one of the plenary sessions, since there would not be enough time to fully cover all issues related to the (evaluation of the) Action Agenda 2009. Thus it was decided to go in-depth during a separate session.

Our target groups for this session are those members who have been involved in the execution of the Action Agenda 2009 and anyone who wants to share his ideas on how to optimize the implementation of the Action Agenda in the future.
CAP Focus Group - Institutional Communication [website]Mariia DubrovskafirstCome share your experience of interaction with the institutions, come learn about how your fellow locals benefit from smart communication with the local and EU authorities, come raise your awareness of these issues. Join the innovative Focus group workshop aimed to create the framework for the research on the
institutional communication across Europe. Brought to you by Corporate Affairs Project.
Development – a challenge for YOU? [website]Marta Gutierrez Benet, Prisca MerzsecondDid you ever wonder why some countries develop faster than others? Do you want to learn more about development? Are you among the only 5 % of all Europeans who know what the UN Millenium Development Goals stand for? Do you want to make a change? Now is your chance! Join the Beyond Europe workshop “Development – a challenge for YOU?”
Europe, Turkey and more: SMILE AT DIFFERENCES, BE INVOLVED!Michela OnalifirstThe most fascinating challenge in Europe is its incredible cultural
diversity but this can be a potential for stereotypes, prejudices,
misunderstandings and intolerance.
We want you to FEEL, We want you to LIVE diversity, mutual empathy
and mutual recognition. We want you to give your imprint of the society
where you live and how your antennas can actively work on it! We want
you to be aware on the ongoing social transformation firstly looking at
the society where you live. We want you to SMILE AT DIFFERENCES AND BE
European sub-level [website]Eszter Virag Rab, Alfredo SellettifirstHow to create a sub-European level in AEGEE without creating national ones?
The pros and contras of cooperating as a region. Developing a concept and its
working format. How to remain big and become more effective by the additional
regional support?
How to sell AEGEE? / The truth about Youth in ActionMiroslaw Krzanik, Anna Pałkowska, Anita Kalmane and Denis MaksimovsecondThis workshop consists of two parts.

The description of the first part by Miroslaw Krzanik and Anna Pałkowska:

Have you ever thought about fundraising? Do you know this marvelous feeling of satisfaction when you earn money for your project or local? This workshop is perfect for you! But have you ever experienced a refuse from a sponsor? Have you been asked a question which confused you so you haven’t had any idea how to answer? Then this workshop is perfect for you! We’ve decided to provide you a workshop about contacting with sponsors, how to approach them and how to talk with them. We’ll teach you how to prepare a perfect talk with a sponsor, what to say and how to react on his or her question. You’ll learn how to deal with presenting projects and our organization in front of a person who doesn’t know us at all. Join us if find fundraising a perfect task for you!

And the description of the second part by Anita Kalmane and Denis Maksimov:

YiA? Action 1.1 and 3.2.? EVS? JSV? TC? Do these abbreviations make any sense for you? Find out what is the grant program "Youth in Action" hiding! Find out secret tips and suggestions how to write the best application and get financial support from European Commission for your next international event! Find out why should you host somebody from another city and country from 2 weeks up to even 12 months! Find out how can you cooperate with other locals and organise exchanges, training courses or any other initiatives! Why should you do it? Who will pay for it? How can your local benefit from it? All those and more other questions will be answered during our workshop.

Human Resources: from game to fame! [website]Tomasz SzredersecondHave you ever wondered how does it feel to be a manager of an NGO? Being able to take all those decisions and see their effects? If yes, then this workshop is definitely for you! We offer you a game. A game that simulates the process of managing an NGO – you will have to choose your HR strategy, assign people to projects, send them to trainings and many, many more. Sounds interesting? And that’s not all! In the second part of the workshop we will show how you can design similar games by yourself and use them for teaching new skills, strategic planning or just sheer fun!
Position Papers of AEGEEDenis Maksimov, Ágnes Leyrer, Olga Basova, Nico HuurmanfirstAEGEE is meant to be a platform of discussion and forming the opinion of European Youth.
We do have an opinion to tell to Europe about youth unemployment, recognition of nonformal education, youth representation in politics, or the freedom of movement for European
youth; and Position Papers are the way to express our concerns.
After the introduction of the procedure of drafting position papers participants will be asked in groups to discuss and draft concrete position papers, which will then go through the
procedure and hopefully become Positon Papers of AEGEE.
Upgrade your old SUmmer love!Veronika BraunfirstI am desired by 4000 people per year, I can be found in over 70 cities around
Europe every summer, I create friendships, romances and broken hearts
(sometimes), Still I have a place in the hearts of all AEGEE members! You want
to get to know me? You want plan our future? Take advantage of me. Use me,
and I will make you happy. Come to the workshop, plan the future of the SU
project, learn how to promote the SU project in your local and gain new active
members. I will be waiting... for YOU!
Where Does Europe End - for you?Percin ImreksecondJoin the workshop of one of the biggest initivatives of AEGEE and get more familiar with WDEE, its structure and its team members, and share your ideas with us and be our participant in one of our following 10 events in 2010.
YOUrope needs YOU 2!Miroslava GanzarcikovasecondAfter great year full of successes, YOUrope needs YOU! is starting 2nd cycle with brand new team and events planned for next year! Do you want to know more? Do you want to get involved? Come and join our workshop!
Zero WasteRamón Martínez firstZero Waste is a growing trend to reduce the amount of waste produced in events... more than we are used to. Zero Waste goes beyond recycling, it takes a whole system approach. Together we will redefine the concept of waste, reduce consumption, minimize waste, maximize recycling and ensure reusability. With this workshop, you will contribute to the creation of a
useful set of guidelines while you learn the needed tips and tools to organize a
Zero Waste event. Come join us!