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It's not allowed to publish photos that are on this page somewhere else without the approval of the author of thephotos. You can contact the author via the webmaster.
Nor AEGEE-Europe nor the author of this page (Wim van Ravesteijn) takes any responsibility for the content of thepage. The users of this site who upload photos are fully responsible for the content they put on this page.


If you have any ideas how this page can be improved, please send them to the webmaster.

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Info for webmasters

If you want to link to all the photos of events organized by your local, simply use the following link:
where you replace XXX with the bodycode of your local.


Version 3.01 (17.02.2023):
  • compatibility with PHP 8.1 (fix deprecation warnings);
  • fix errors in mailer with PHP 8.1;
  • use webmaster mail for From/To when using form to send mail to webmaster, fill Reply-To with sender, this to please spam filtering.
Version 3.00 (01.08.2021):
  • total rewrite, compatible with PHP 7;
  • removed all uploading/editing functionality, site is archive only.
Version 2.05 (13.12.2009):Version 2.04 (23.07.2007):
  • Website has been moved from the AEGEE-Enschede server (Europa) to the AEGEE-Europe server (Zeus). Old links keep working.
Version 2.03 (13.07.2006):
  • fixed problems with using back/forward button of browser;
  • when opening an event to view books, put that event at the top of the screen;
  • made uploading photos more self-explaining;
  • created import for Summer Universities to the list of events.
Version 2.02 (21.10.2005):
  • Enlarged the size of photos from 800x800 to 1024x1024 maximum.
Version 2.01 (09.10.2005):
  • total code redesign, including optimalizations;
  • limited list sizes in the overviews (page numbering);
  • database redesign, to make it compatible with AEGEE standards;
  • improved import script for events and bodies;
  • added rotating for images;
  • showing the date a photo was uploaded;
  • keeping filenames of the images;
  • changed the design to the webpages design.
Version 1.11 (10.10.2003):
  • updated upload for new install of server;
  • quality of photos after resizing has been improved.
Version 1.10 (16.9.2003):
  • changed login system to use accounts.
Version 1.09 (9.5.2003):
  • bugfix: show normal size photo if big size is not available, even if big size is requested.
Version 1.06 (11.8.2002):
  • the big size photos, that were already stored when uploading, are available for viewing.
Version 1.05 (8.8.2002):
  • bugfix: when deleting photo, the numbers of the other photos will be updated too;
  • bugfix: don't show empty books in the lists of books when listing them for viewing;
  • updated script to get events from Calendar of Events and overview of Summer Universities;
  • after inserting a book, you now will immediately go to that book to insert pictures.