Repetition is the mother of learning

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”Repetitio est mater studiorum” (“Repetition is the mother of learning”), says the Latin proverb. What’s the point of repeating and how does it manifest? While some people will take this opportunity to affirm what they already know, the others will think that this is boring. But what if you can ”repeat” some things in a new and original way? Is this going to lead to a newborn interest in the theme you already know?

Will you keep on reading?
While other commissions, work bodies or groups in AEGEE have a 6-month or a year mandate, Network Commission (NetCom) is a commission which, although it has 11 members elected at the Agora, changes its team every 6 months (6 members are elected at the Spring Agora and 5 at the Autumn Agora).

If we look at the calendar year, then 16 members change in one year in this commission. With this kind of election system, quality of knowledge transfer is guaranteed and you always have team members you can rely on. Trust – keyword that enables commission to work around the clock.

 Do you still remember who we are?

It hasn’t been so long since we’ve written about NetCom team, 11 players and 1 coach. We introduced the team and now it’s time to write about what has been done so far – goals we achieved (new contacts), goals we set (deleted locals), problems we encountered and happiness we experienced (with our locals, of course).

Network Commission Skopje-Enchede had a NetCom meeting in Bruxelles from 1-4 December 2011. If I’m not mistaken, the number of Network Commissioners (NetCommies) who participated in the NetCom meeting has never been higher – there were 9 Netcommies and two sub-commissioners. Besides working and getting to know each other at the Agora this was also a chance for people who say a few words to each other over emails to know each other better. And lemons… that’s a whole other story.

Are you still reading?

What’s new in the Network 
Together with all other jobs that AEGEE-Europe statutes (CIA) oblige us to do, all sorts of daily communication with locals and the team and all the energy needed to do this job, NetCom has been working on a new webpage where you can find many useful documents, information on deadlines for fulfilling antennae criteria and news in the Network.

It has also been mentioned that we can all be happy about our goals – our few new Contacts (Kaunas, Lanzarote, Stepanakert, Sevilla, Madeira), upgraded Contact Antennae (Kharkiv and Sumqayit) and those that will, unfortunately, be deleted won’t be mentioned here because we still have 2,5 months until Agora and NetCom can make an effort (together with the locals) to avoid this scenario.

Is there more?
Oh yes. „Say NO to a boring Spring“. I don’t believethat you still don’t know what is it. NetCom will try the best with host locals in order to organise motivational and inspirational Network Meetings (NWMs) this Spring – 11 NWMs are waiting for you. In total, that’s 17 NWM’s for this Network Commisson Skopje-Enschede.


Here to serve and protect you – our dear locals – are your NetCommies:
Anil, Beata, Iulia, Koen, Luis, Marek, Matteo, Marijana, Olga, Pavel, Rebekka and their teams.

Written by Marijana Roščić, AEGEE-Zadar & Network Commission

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