Daniel Tufeanu for the Network Commission: “Focus On Developing Our Existing Locals and Strenghtening Our Network”

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Meet Daniel Tufeanu:  AEGEE-București’s President and a member of the Human Resources Committee. Besides that he is also a two-term SubCommie for the Central European locals under Lavinia and Alin. Now it’s his time to shine as he is running for the Network Commission. He has a clear five-point programme, and a desire to give as much back to the Network as he has gained from it. He calls it both ‘a dream and a challenge’. 
The AEGEEan: Hi Daniel! Can you introduce yourself?12345437_1218736574808896_5938333256281954158_n
Hello, I am Daniel Tufeanu, president of AEGEE-București and candidate for the Network Comission. I have joined AEGEE in November 2014, intrigued by the “multicultural/European” aspect of out organisation. I study languages and I am HR enthusiast (proud HRC member, as well). Although I joined in late 2014, I finally understood what AEGEE is about after my first Network Meeting in autumn 2015 (so after one year) in Cluj-Napoca. After that I have become more involved and interested in European Bodies and in AEGEE as a Network.
What skills did you learn from your SubCom experience?
My subcom experience is not massive, as I did not have many delegated tasks (yet). However, it taught me the importance of delegation in a team in order to keep members engaged, and to act fast in case of “emergency” (like contacting locals regarding the members’ list).
You mention that you have limited experience on the European level. Do you feel confident that you can contribute enough as NetCom?
I do admit I have limited experience in European Bodies, but I believe that the experience I got so far is relevant to the position I am applying for (especially the experience in the Planning Team and, more recently, the Human Resources Comittee). And I believe I compensate my potential lack of experience with motivation and desire to learn, as some of the best Network Comissioners, who weren’t particularly experienced when they first joined the commission.
Why did you not go to a Network Meeting this spring? 10647033_1166536390028915_4069836056834788481_n
I have been to three Network Meetings so far, three semesters in a row. This year, due to university and also financial issues, I had to chose two out of three from EPM Zagreb, ETC+ and NWM, and I preferred attending events I have not attended before so I could get a more complete knowledge and experience. And I have learned a lot from EPM and ETC+.
Looking back at your time as Secretary and President of your local, what is the best advice a NetCom could have given to you?
The best advice the NetCom could have given me as president is not to take all responsibility on myself and not to be afraid to ask for help. These are two pieces of information I had to learn on myself. And as Secretary, I felt like, somehow, I was not important (as I did not have a local working group to coordinate) and, looking back, I would have liked to be told that my work and my contribution was as valuable as anyone else’s.
In your programme you mention you want to discuss ‘issues related to the working format’. Could you elaborate on this? 
It is possible that the statement expressed is unfortunate, so, in order to clarify, I say that I am not conservative and I am open to discussion regarding certain aspects of the NetCom (for example, monthtly activity reports). However, I do not want any radical changes, I believe that certain things may seem complicated, but there is a reason behind them and they make sense (like having Antenna Criteria).
What do you think of the current state of the Network? What aspects would you like to improve? 
11136715_1081879521827936_5310223991181861450_nAlthough it is a wondeful feeling everytime we see a contact of AEGEE-Europe being announced or when we sing The Convention d’Adhesion, I believe that we should focus on developing our existing locals and strenghtening our Network. Althought, statistically, the Network is slowly reducing its numbers, we can achieve more if we stop worrying while doing nothing and start focusing on making the locals stable and making our members live the AEGEE identity.
I do not see you on the participants’ list for Spring Agora Enschede. Will you be presenting your candidacy there, or will someone else do it for you?
Yes, you are right, I am not on the participants’ list. I cannot attend this Agora, as I am in my final year and I have finals exactly during Agora. However, Veva from AEGEE-Berlin will be kind enough to present my candidature (Thank you so much!). I will watch livestreams and be ready to answer questions regarding my candidature as fast as I can.
How would your close friends describe your character?
My close friends would describe me as empathetic, dreamy and kind. I have a way of adapting myself to other people so it is not very easy to get to know the real “me”, in general, but the AEGEE environment is a safe bubble and, for better or worse, it makes it easier for people to be themselves.
Questions from the Network
What is the area of the Network you would like to work with?12015074_1183707361645151_2929965049999426509_o
Most of my experience regarding groups of locals involves the Central Europe Dragons locals, but I do not have a strong preference for a certain region. Working with locals I do not particularly know only involves more responsibility into getting to know the state of the respective locals, and I am willing to take that responsibility.
What is your experience in writing grants?
I have experience in the former Youth in Action project and, thus, I am familiar with the Erasmus+ format. I have participated in writing grants in a team and I am familiar with certain aspects and particularities of the (Youth in Action) Erasmus+ programme.
You can read his full candidature here.
Written by Mireille Voorendt, AEGEE-Utrecht

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