Dear readers,

Here you can find recent open-calls for the debates organized by AEGEEDebate.

How to join the debate? Write an email to aegeedebate[at] with the subject “Debate (number)” and state which position you’d like to take (affirmation or opposition).

What are you expected to do in the debate? Write an opinion paper containing max. 550 words to provide reasons why the motion is true/false depending on your position.

What are the benefits of participating? You can practice your argumentation skill and critical thinking through taking part in the debate. It is useful opportunity how to defend your opinion in front of an opposing view as well. These skills are essential during your university studies as well as in your working life.


Debate with the motionModern communication technology brings more harm than good for people.”

Free position: Opposition.


Debate with the motion “Does free trade revive Europe? Risks of TTIP are higher than its benefits.”

Free positions: Affirmation and Opposition.


Looking forward on your participation!