Useful web links


Critical Thinking Web.

The site is maintained by Dr. Joe Lau at the Philosophy Department, The University of Honk Kong. On this website you can go through various modules to increase your knowledge of critical thinking and basic logic. Very much recommended by AEGEEDebate!

You can find out a lot of information about critical thinking there. We quote a little remark from the page “The most fundamental reason for teaching critical thinking is that good thinking skills are essential for making appropriate decisions about what to believe and do, whether for personal decisions, vocational decisions, or civic decisions, such as voting or serving in a jury.”

International Debate Education Association (IDEA).

IDEA is umbrella organization of many national debate associations. You can browse through online debates, learn how to debate or read their blog. Very useful!

Intelligence Squared (IQ2).

United Kingdom based organization dedicated to public debates. On the website you can browse through many informative and intriguing debates on various topics. It is very prestigious organization with world-wide recognized speakers.


We provide you with some videos aimed to explain basic debate skills.

How to create an argument?

Square of Opposition

We try to update the web links regularly. We would, however, be very happy if you can provide us with some other references as well. You can contact us via email (see Contact sub-page).