Editor’s Letter

Dear readers,

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to The AEGEEan, the official magazine of AEGEE Europe. I have had the privilege of taking over as the Editor-in-Chief since November 2019. As the official magazine of AEGEE, we aim to provide our members insights into the happenings in the network. The magazine has come a long way since its revival under the leadership of Natalia Klimenko and we look forward to establishing it as a captivating source of information that is free from bias. 

The beauty of AEGEE is the way in which so many different cultures come together to form synergies and work towards a better Europe. The work done by the network is tremendous and noteworthy and we aim to provide a platform to inform our members of this wonderful work done by our very own, and the opportunities out there for them. We aspire to give these achievements their due recognition and we cannot do with you. The Network is huge, spanning around 155 locals in 38 countries, and as a small but dynamic team, it is difficult for us to know what’s happening around the entire network. So if you are aware of something that we could or should write about, or perhaps you’d like to contribute with an article, just drop us and email at aegeean@aegee.eu or write to us on Facebook!

Our collaborations with European Bodies, locals, and members in the past have proved to be fruitful, they have provided us with an array of exceptionally inspiring stories and interesting news from the network. We look forward to strengthening and building on these collaborations to bring to our readers an engaging and relatable experience. We are also constantly working on improving the magazine and your input and feedback is always welcome!

Thank you for your time in reading this letter and we hope to hear from you sometime! And if you’d like to be a part of our wonderful team and embark on this interesting journey, fill in our application form or drop us an email!

Best wishes

Sherwin Savio Furtado