Editor’s Letter

Dear readers,

The AEGEEan magazine reflects the essence of AEGEE as youth organization: it is done by members, about members, and for members.

In September 2019, the Magazine will turn 8 years old. This is not yet an anniversary, however, by that date we want to achieve visible results. The AEGEEan can be a powerful tool for telling our external partners and members what AEGEE does and how it lives.

In the core team established in December 2018, we are all striving to revive the AEGEEan Magazine after nearly a year of relative hiatus. We are constantly looking for ideas and along the way we are learning a lot. We want to make the AEGEEan more recognizable, more vivid and turn it into the principal source of information about AEGEE.

But we cannot do this without you. It is you who inspire us and who are at the same time our source of life and our ultimate goal. We know everyone has something to say, and we encourage you to drop us an email saying: “Look, I have an idea what you can write about…” We are more creative when we share ideas with each other!

We will go on exploring opportunities of cooperation with European Bodies, locals and personalities from all over AEGEE. But there is so much happening out there in the organization we just cannot keep an eye on everything. Join us and tell us how AEGEE is living from first hand! Join our Core Team and gain some experience in journalistic work!

We also invite external partners to introduce themselves and get more familiar with how AEGEE works. AEGEE has been doing some amazing job across Europe, both in- and outside of the EU, working closely with international NGOs and European institutions. It makes us proud, and we would like to see our partners coming closer to our members in the everyday life.

Thank you for reading this letter. By the way, we have a page on Facebook.

Looking forward to meeting you, hearing from you, getting you joining our Team!

Yours sincerely,

Natalia Klimenko

Editor-in-Chief, 2019