Les Anciens


To this date AEGEE had a huge impact on many generations of young Europeans. But what happens when these people grow up and leave AEGEE? In the online event AEGEE-Inspire, co-organized by the areas Wild East, Teddybearea and Rainbow area, members of AEGEE’s alumni organization Les Anciens d’AEGEE (LA) explain how AEGEE has impacted their lives and still does today.… Read more →

Les Anciens: An Introduction

Life of AEGEE members does not end after finishing their active membership. For those who still want to contribute to making the dream of a borderless Europe real, an excellent opportunity is to become one of Les Anciens d’AEGEE. Created in 1990 by former members, it maintains links across generations of AEGEEans and with AEGEE itself. The AEGEEan Magazine invites… Read more →