Comité Directeur

The close of a Chapter and end of a wonderful journey; Goodbye CD56…

Time passes away quickly, even in AEGEE. Last summer, after Agora Krakow in 2018, a new Comite Directeur, the 56th since AEGEE’s foundation in April 1985, was elected to be in charge of this European students’ association. Knowing that these times are complicated in a political, economic, social, educational, sexual, and environmental way, it was, and still is, full of… Read more →

Life in the AEGEE house – Live in the AEGEE house

The AEGEEans team with one journalist Mohd Zean and one proofreader Sherwin Savio Furtado, led by vice Editor-in-Chief Martiño Rivera pays a visit to the famous headquarters of the AEGEE “ The AEGEE House in Brussels” with one goal in mind “ Life in a CD house” featuring current CD members –  Alejandra Piot Pérez Abadín, Viola Bianchetti, Monika Mojak… Read more →

CD on Track on The Way Back: AEGEE-Heidelberg and AEGEE-Düsseldorf

Soon upon my arrival from Passau to Heidelberg, I was welcomed by Viola (from Your Vision For Europe) and Mareike (from the Network Commission). They showed me the beautiful city of Heidelberg, and after having lunch with them, we joined an evening meeting with the members of AEGEE-Heidelberg. All members that were present at the meeting shared their experiences and impression… Read more →

CD on Track On the Way Back: München, Stuttgart and Mannheim

Day 15 – 16 – 17– München, Stuttgart and Mannheim (1st – 3rd March)   As we tried to cover as many locals as possible, CD on Track continued with three completely different routes after EPM Zagreb, and my first stop was München after spending a day in Zvonimir’s hometown and enjoying his family’s great hospitality. Starting with a very early… Read more →

CD behind the Doors

Many people might know that the Comité Directeur, the executive Board of AEGEE-Europe (who is elected by the Agora) is based in Brussels near the European Commission, in a house that can be recognised mostly by the plaquette on the door. But how many of you have seen how the daily life goes for all the CD members? What do… Read more →