Sacrality is Evil

A couple of days ago, we published an opinionated and argumentative article on the benefits of censorship. We hoped you liked, and, to follow it up, we have another one for you right here. Use it in every group, in which you find yourself in AEGEE, or even in your personal life, because you should not take what you adore… Read more →

In Defence of Censorship

During some of our earlier years, we used to publish some opinionated and argumentative articles. Starting today, we are back with a brand new series of such articles with a topic that cannot but catch your attention by virtue of its controversial statement coming from a magazine; in defence of censorship. And yes… at times we have to censor things; sometimes necessarily,… Read more →

How to Choose: AEGEE edition

A while ago, we got a suggestion to write an article about how-to-choose certain items for an event. Here, at The AEGEEan, we have some experience with drinking, sleeping and travelling, so we might provide an entertaining guide in choosing the following items for an event.   Booze At a European event, you might want to bring some of your… Read more →

7 Facts about being the Secretary of the Agora

Most of you, during the Agora, watch the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson preside over the meeting. But how about the Secretary of the Agora? The only thing people witness of him/her, is them typing during the Agora, but being Secretary of the Agora has some privileges! . 1. You are in the spotlight. Together with the rest of the Chair… Read more →

Being a Delegate for Dummies

We already gave you some tips on how to be a good visitor, but how should you be a good delegate (according to us)? The Agora is a magnificent creature, but it is also very complicated to follow every single thing that happens, especially if you are a newbie. But also experienced members has some troubles from time to time.… Read more →

5 Essential Tips to Survive an Agora

Agora Bergamo is approaching day by day and you’d better prepare yourself both physically and mentally for it, because it’s about to become real in less than a week! Beside the necessary things you need to take with you undoubtedly, we want to help you with a few cool tips which you have to take into account once you are… Read more →