European Bodies

Climate Emergency Working Group: “The actions have overpassed the expectations, and the best is yet to come”

“The Focus Area of Climate Emergency aims to educate young people and empower them to practice active citizenship in order to contribute to the green transition, understood as the individual and collective measures that need to be taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe” ( The (almost) middle of their term seemed like the perfect moment to take a look at… Read more →

Social Equity Working Group: “The pandemic has increased inequality in a lot of aspects so there are many things to do to help to achieve equity”

“Social Equity Focus Area aims to make young people aware of discrimination based on place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities, and take action to promote equity from an intersectional perspective. Raise awareness, position itself and take action to tackle discrimination from an intersectional perspective, with the aim of promoting social equity” ( It has been 6 months since… Read more →

A Safe Space for Everyone

“The Safe Person Committee will aim to create a safe space for participants and combat sexual harassment, through the use of education, awareness, and maintaining a pool of Safe Persons to send to events.” One year has passed since the S.M.A.S.H project was founded by members with the aid of the Council of Europe. Now time is up for AEGEE… Read more →


Many AEGEE members have heard about the Network Commission (aka NetCom) but probably have no clue what they are up to and what they are doing there. Created in 1996 to support local antennae, their members are responsible for various supervision tasks and initiatives: the organization, good practices and the accomplishment of defined antennae goals; make possible discussions about the… Read more →

United in strategy: The Strategy Committee

With 13000 AEGEEans and 13000 opinions, it can sometimes be difficult and chaotic to follow one strategy. A committee that likes to create order in the chaos is the newly established Strategy Committee. The supporting committee of both the Committee Director and the entire network is happy to introduce themselves to you in this interview.   Thank you, Evita, Freideriki and… Read more →