Social Equity Working Group

Discussing serious issues during SU: SEWG workshops during the Summer University of AEGEE-Iaşi

As AEGEEans we all know how much fun Summer Universities are. It’s that time of the year  when we all get the opportunity to explore new regions and cultures —and of course love the program and the parties that the respective antennas organise. However, SUs are also a great place to learn something new about the important issues of our… Read more →

#Breakingthe bias campaign: Read all about it!

This time we have the pleasure to get to know more about the #Breakingthebias campaign and their goals and their ideas. The event is hosted by the Social Equity Working group and we have the lovely coordinator of the group, Florina-Marieta Neagu, answer some questions: Can you tell us a bit more about #BreakingtheBias campaign? What exactly have you planned… Read more →

Disability Awareness Campaign: TS Awareness Week

On the occasion of Tourettes Awareness Day on 7th June and as a part of “Disability Awareness Campaign ”, Social Equity Working Group of AEGEE Europe decided to raise the awareness of challenges that young people with Tourette Syndrome tackle on a daily basis through interview with one of the members of European organization that focuses on Tourette syndrome, European… Read more →

Disability Awareness Campaign: MS Awareness Week

Dr. Vasiliki Garopoulou M.Sc.’s., Ph.D., P.D. is an Adapted Physical Exercise & Sport Science Educator and Neurorehabilitation & Medical Exercise Specialist. She holds 2 Post-Doc degrees, 2 Postgraduate Diplomas from A.U.Th Neurosciences Medical School, 2 postgraduate – vocational training certificates abroad. She also has a PhD in the Laboratory of Developmental Medicine & Special Needs Education in collaboration with the… Read more →

Disability Awareness Campaign: World Autism Awareness Day

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, the Social Equity Working Group of AEGEE Europe interviewed a kinesiologist (K) at Center for Autism, Zagreb, Croatia and a speech therapist (ST) at Special hospital for the protection of children with neurodevelopmental and motor disabilities, Croatia to learn more about the disability.  If you need to define Autism as a disorder,… Read more →