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“Within my priorities are to make a good social media strategy to raise awareness and fight the stigma” ~ Laura Miranda, MHWG Candidate

Mental health, a topic that is extremely relevant in today’s fast paced world but seldom talked about. It is one that is still often stigmatised and considered not an actual disease. AEGEE decided to acknowledge the elephant in the room and proposed it as a possible working group at the Strategic Planning Meeting held in June 2019 in Köln. Having… Read more →

“There are many things we can do for the environment even if we are in a total quarantine” ~ Laura García, CEWG candidate

One of the most difficult challenges that our society urges to face nowadays is climate change. AEGEE is quite aware of this concern, thus this environmental topic has been set as one of the focus areas of our association for the period of 2020-2023. When it comes to Climate Emergency Working Group Coordinator applications, Laura García from AEGEE-A Coruña introduces… Read more →