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What is the Fundraising Committee of AEGEE Europe?

Blablacar, Lufthansa, Brussels airlines, N26 bank, Booking – we are sure you’ve heard of these names, and also most likely used their services. What is the link between them and AEGEE? We were partners in the past! Right now we have partnerships with A&O Hostels, Flixbus, Eurosender, Interrail and some others. If you still haven’t taken advantage of these offers,… Read more →

A Safe Space for Everyone

“The Safe Person Committee will aim to create a safe space for participants and combat sexual harassment, through the use of education, awareness, and maintaining a pool of Safe Persons to send to events.” One year has passed since the S.M.A.S.H project was founded by members with the aid of the Council of Europe. Now time is up for AEGEE… Read more →