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Identity & Strategy in AEGEE: History unveiled

The 1st of August is a historic day for AEGEE: our new Strategic Plan 2020-2023 enters into force. You might be wondering now: what exactly is the Strategic Plan?  To keep it short: the aim of our strategy is to streamline the actions of all our members towards goals we have given ourselves democratically during the past year, providing us… Read more →

Discover the hidden network: Vol. II

Hello again, AEGEEans, we continue discovering the hidden Network! As we mentioned in the last article, it seems that the situation of the pandemic problem due to COVID-19 is starting to get controlled in the majority of the countries in the world but during the year there will be a lot of restrictions to travel. So, we thought of making… Read more →

Local of the month, May 2020: AEGEE-Nijmegen!

AEGEE’s local of the month, May 2020 has been quite active recently, not only in their own antenna but also at a European level. These fellow AEGEEans had spread their love for the association doing a “Europe week” around Europe day, counting with the collaboration of EaP+ and ECWG for some of their activities, and they have also shown their… Read more →