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“Once you fail in something, you should never give up from that bad experience. Sometimes this is like football and football is a game of mistakes” ~ Iñigo Bolao

Active at the European level, contributor to many European bodies – Culture Interest Group, Language Interest Group, and The AEGEEan -, representative of the last in the improvement of External Communications of AEGEE into the Strategic Plan of 2020-2023 and aspiring Network Commission member. Let us see what Iñigo Bolao has to say! Hi Inigo and thank you for your… Read more →

“Being part of both NetCom and EaP+ has taught me the international working framework, in which I’m interested in continuing to work” ~ Ruslan Kvitnevyi

Member of AEGEE-Lviv, freelance translator, and AEGEE enthusiast. But that would be failing short to present Ruslan Kvitnevyi, a two-year-old AEGEEan who has already done more than most in that span of time! You will get to know more about all the posts he is in, but as a little preview, let me tell you the number *leans to whisper… Read more →