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Farewell Europe on Track 7, welcome Europe on Track 8!

Europe on Track is an AEGEE project whose main aim is to spread awareness about social issues all around Europe, to create a space for discussion and to capture the opinions of the European youth. One of the reasons that make EoT so special is that the workshops delivered by ambassadors do not have AEGEEans as their only target, but… Read more →

“The environment is a crucial part of our road to a better and a greener Europe” ~ Local of the Month, October2020, AEGEE-Iași!

October has been a busy month for AEGEE. Despite this, this local has had a very successful recruitment campaign and took responsibility to make sure that all the new members had a smooth introduction to the association. They also started the “GO Green” initiative as part of the Generation EU project. All this while the Agora was happening! We’re happy… Read more →

“Talking is easy, but coming up with a common plan that is then followed through with – that’s hard” – October 2020 Member of the Month, Heiko Kirchner!

October has been a busy month for AEGEE, a month where AEGEEans from all over Europe gathered online for the Autumn Agora. And like every Agora, there was a lot to discuss and cross-check. The short time and need for quick answers is no easy task, but he managed to stay calm and explain difficult legal aspects in simple clear… Read more →


All AEGEEans have noticed in various events wonderful feelings of hearing so many languages! Multilingualism is always a subject that involves the whole AEGEE community. 2001 was a benchmark year for AEGEE as it was when the European Day of Language (EDL) was established. It is the second oldest ongoing project after the Summer University project which aims at pointing out… Read more →