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Local of the month, February 2020: AEGEE Barcelona!

The European Planning Meeting, an important statutory event of AEGEE Europe, was hosted this year at Barcelona! They organised an exceptional event and we are happy to introduce AEGEE Barcelona as the Local of the Month, February 2020! Congratulations on being awarded the Local of the Month! We’re to hear more about you! First of all, we want to let… Read more →

AEGEE Member of the month, February 2020: Zurita!

They were a key figure behind the EPM Barcelona, are the speaker of the Strategy Committee and managed to put together a successful team in a short period of time. They are exceptionally kind, supporting, and a great leader, always eager to help others, and doesn’t shy from challenging the status quo or bringing in new ideas. They also find… Read more →

The green hero we didn’t know we needed: The Sustainability Committee

As Europe On Track edition 5 already stated, ‘Go green or go home’. An AEGEE committee that takes this opinion to heart is the newly established Sustainability Committee. Sustainability is and is going to be an important topic as our world is changing and facing enormous environmental, social and economical challenges. In this interview AEGEE’s new green engine introduces itself.… Read more →