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“My driving force is helping others and sharing experience, which aligns with the tasks of the Network Commission, to support the locals in any reasonable way.” ~ Aleksandra Rachwalska

Can you believe it? Agora Novi-Sad is already starting this week! But before you enjoy an amazing time there we want to introduce you to Aleksandra Rachwalska from AEGEE-Groningen. She is running to become a member of the NetCom and has already a vast amount of experience in AEGEE matters on both the local and the European level! Hey, for… Read more →

“AEGEE has faced problems before, and solutions were always found. With the right approach, namely trying to find Interim CD members and sufficient assistance I do believe that our term can be a successful one.” ~ Paul van Hoorn

Hello our dear AEGEEans! This time we have another candidate that will be at the Agora in Novi Sad and his name is Paul van Hoorn and t he applied for the Comité Directeur. DISCLAIMER: THIS INTERVIEW WAS FINISHED BEFORE THE NEWS WAS KNOWN OF AEGEE LOSING THE OPERATING GRANT! Welcome, can you tell us who you are? What are… Read more →