Meet Damien And Petra, Your Mediation Commission 2016-2017

For a second the possibility of having the Mediation Commission composed only by one person, Damien Latacz, seemed to be reality. Although it would have been fun to imagine him arguing with himself on the Mediation Commission cases, luckily one more person stepped up. The Mediation Commission 2016-2017 is now composed by Damien Latacz and Petra Burusz. He is a… Read more →

Luca Bisighini and his Reform of the Audit Commission

We asked the Audit Commission to tell us about the reform they are carrying out. Its President Luca Bisighini focuses on what could be improved and explains why he decided to present his candidature for this demanding European position, also talking us through his choice of the Subcommissioners. His future plans involve fostering clear communication and bringing finance back among the hot… Read more →

One Year in the NetCom, A Look Back (#2)

A lot of term limits for the NetCom have ended on the first of December this year. So, this seemed to be the perfect occasion to reach out to some of the leaving NetCommies and ask them about their experiences of the past year. Here to answer some questions are Mareike Wegener of AEGEE-Aachen and Melissa Carreres of AEGEE-Alicante, two exiting NetCommies after… Read more →