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AEGEE Contact in Nicosia is Here to Stay!

The new AEGEE Contact in Nicosia has recently become a member of our Network. Andreas Panayiotou is the founder of this contact, even though he does not accept this title for himself alone as he considers this is a teamwork success and it would not be happening without the other members...

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Welcome to Sunny Southern Spain, Welcome to Málaga

During the Network Status Update at Autumn Agora Chisinau, Network Director Tekla Hajdu, gave everyone during the plenary some good news: a new city joined the AEGEE-Network: Málaga...

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Welcome to Galicia: New contact of AEGEE-Europe in Vigo

Announced just few days before Spring Agora Bergamo, we have a new member in the AEGEE Network: the contact of AEGEE-Europe in Vigo, Spain...

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From The Aegean to The AEGEEan, Our New Contact: Muğla

We have got a new Contact in town; its name is Muğla, in western Turkey near the island of Rhodes. Its board is a well collected group of highly motivated students with the drive to make Muğla into all that it can possibly be...

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New Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Vinnytsia!

We are proud to announce that we have established a new contact of AEGEE-Europe in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Vinnytsia is a city situated in the Western Centre of Ukraine, the largest city in the historic region of Podillia...

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New Contact was Established in Gaziantep

Back in April, a new contact was created in Gaziantep, in Turkey. The city is rich in history and has both a traditional and modern look. The AEGEEan talk to  Tuğba Abacı, Secretary and External Relations Responsible of the contact antenna, in order to learn more about their story.

The AEGEEan: W...

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AEGEE Welcomes the New Contact in Canterbury

Canterbury is ready to make its entrance in the AEGEE’s Network. Here the story of the new Contact since the first steps, told by Emily Zerling, one of the founders.

The AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself.

Emily: My name is Emily Zerling. I’m 20 years old. I’m from Paris in France...

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A New Contact in Croatia: Welcome Split to the Network!

Just a few weeks ago, Split, the second largest city in Croatia, was added to the network as a new contact. Next to AEGEE-Zagreb and AEGEE-Zadar, it is now the third part of the network in Croatia...

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AEGEEans Ready to Welcome You in the Lively City of Newcastle upon Tyne

AEGEE is growing in the United Kingdom and most recently three girls each came up with the idea of starting a contact in Newcastle upon Tyne. Through the Network Commission they got together and started working on the paper works to become an antenna...

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AEGEE Goes to Scotland with a New Contact in Aberdeen

Recently more and more contacts have been set up in the United Kingdom. After Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne already joined the AEGEE family, it was announced in February that there was another addition in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland...

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