FAFA Kyiv: from a Chat to a Thematic Financial Training Event

Sometimes things go way all beyond any expectation. You are chatting with a friend about general random things, and you end up organising a thematic event together with a commission and a committee. Believe it or not, it all started with a joke and it ended up so happily. This is the story of how the Audit Commission of AEGEE-Europe, the… Read more →

Democracy in Practice: a new project about Civic Education

This weekend the CD house in Brussels was bursting with ideas from a very motivated group of people. They travelled from Athina, Groningen, London, and Sofia to set up AEGEE’s newest project: Democracy in Practice. The idea of Democracy in Practice was built around some central questions: how does one practice democracy? What are the ingredients of a healthy and sustainable democracy?… Read more →

BREAKING: LGBT Wedding On Stage of Spring Agora Patra!

The AEGEEan is very happy to announce exclusively one of the latest surprises of Spring Agora Patra. It started as just a strong friendship between two AEGEE members, Dimitra (AEGEE-Kastoria) and Lia (AEGEE-Sofia). They have both been working together and are currently the two PR Responsibles of The AEGEEan magazine. The two of them have been hiding their relationship for… Read more →

The AEGEEan’s Choice Award 2014: Most original mascot

It is time for The AEGEEan’s Choice Awards again! From the 10th of March until the 31st you can let us know who your favourites are in categories like Best Video, Most Active Working Group, Most Impressive Roll Call and Most Original Mascot. For this last category, The AEGEEan has found five nominees, namely: Orestios Mesemvrios (AEGEE-Kastoria), Gorm Jr. (AEGEE-København),… Read more →

CD Telegram November 2013

In this month of November you will read about how  Agora Zaragoza was, how we retook our tasks after coming back to Brussels. You will find also one more contribution, since our new CD Assistant Louise joined us at the end of November. Winter has slowly arrived to Brussels, days are shorter outside but in our office, they seem to… Read more →