Speaker Team


Sherwin Savio Furtado

A member of AEGEE-Aachen (GO POLAR BEARS!), and native English speaker, he is now on a quest to learn German (because life is too short not to). An avid reader with an interest in culture, sociology, and psychology, you’ll often find him discussing these topics over a cup of tea with friends. He is generally quiet and reserved, but once he gets comfortable, he can get a bit annoying with some witty comebacks and eccentric humor (his sister can affirm to this). As a self-proclaimed protector of the English language, he is often found fighting battles in dark alleys over the correct use of punctuation and grammatical structure. His curiosity is manifested in his conversations on the most random things, like why English is a funny language, or the origins of random idioms. Oh, and he sometimes describes himself in the third person.

Vice Editor-in-Chief

Íñigo Bolao Merlo

OOriginally member of AEGEE-Santander, member of AEGEE-Bilbao nowadays and Vice-Editor-in-Chief of The AEGEEAN Magazine. I always liked writing and making pictures and, after being one year in this magazine, I could developed skills on interviewing people and team working. Mixing my knowledge on History, Arts, Media and other fields I would like to share my vision of Europe in my articles, deep and clear at the same time and hoping that these activities can help me in my professional development in other Media, helping other people to develop skills on working for a magazine as this one.

CD Appointed Member

Alejandra Piot Pérez-Abadín

Originally from AEGEE-A Coruña and passionate about communications. A person that will be there always to support the team and to help in anything needed.

IT Support

Martiño Rivera Dourado

Coming from AEGEE A Coruña, proactive and full of energy. I strongly believe in teamwork and the power of association. Projects like AEGEEan will help all the members of AEGEE to tell the story of this big society.


Ongun Batuhan ALTAN – Journalist, Graphic Design & Photographer

A member of AEGEE-Eskişehir. I am professional & award winning photographer, designer, director, sound recording engineer, FoH engineer, journalist, youtuber, musician and businessman. And also I am founder and owner Fotodizayn studio and Teknoba youtube channel. Old journalist of Chip Online Magazine.

Laura Calomarde Juárez – Journalist

Originally from AEGEE-Castelló, just joined the AEGEE family last year. I am a very passionate about all ways of communicating with other people, from interesting news to beautiful movies. I believe AEGEE improves the knowledge, love and tolerance of all its members and I really hope to perpetuate these values through my articles.


Jacob Bloor – Proofreader

Originally from AEGEE-Sheffield, I joined AEGEE in 2017 after finding out about the Summer University project. Since then, I have become an active member of AEGEE and have gradually worked my way up, becoming a board member at the beginning of 2018 and attending various European events including 2 Agoras, 3 Summer Universities and 2 New Years events. I am studying Modern Foreign Languages and will start my Masters in Translation Studies in September 2019. As well as being one of those rare AEGEEans from a British Antenna, I also happen to be a native speaker of English and often find myself as the “walking dictionary” at AEGEE events. I am a staunch defender of the English language and my friends would describe me as a grammar Nazi, “for the school of grammar has primacy: it is the fairest foundation of learning, the glorious mother of eloquence.” (Cassiodorus, Roman statesman and writer 485AD-585AD)

Calvin Breakwell

Hi, I’m Calvin, a member of AEGEE-Aachen and currently on an Erasmus+ year in Aachen. I am originally from the UK and study my bachelor’s in mathematics at the University of Nottingham. I am a native English speaker and have been learning German for about 7 years. I enjoy reading through lots of different things and am always happen when I find a mistake to correct especially when people use American spellings, haha. I also really enjoying learning new general knowledge and travelling a lot mainly through Europe. I also like to have discussions with speakers of other languages to look at historical links between languages and the evolution of language.

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