AEGEE turns greener: how EPM Izmir tackled sustainability

It’s been more than one month since AEGEE-Izmir was in the spotlight of the AEGEE network:  on 6th – 10th of February, the antenna hosted the annual European Planning Meeting (EPM), where new objectives for the organization were set out and relevant topics – “green sustainability” and “EU-Turkey relations” – were heatedly discussed. The AEGEEan talked to the main organizer… Read more →

EPM 2018 goes to… AEGEE-Yerevan!

It’s the closing plenary of Spring Agora Enschede 2017 and the next European Planning Meeting hosting local has been announced: it is AEGEE-Yerevan! We reached out to them and spoke to Armenak Minasyants from the Armenian local to ask them more about their reaction to the good news and some sneak peeks.  The AEGEEan: Why did you apply to host European… Read more →

Debate competition in EPM Zagreb: “We are Very Satisfied With the Development Our Participants”

If you have attended EPM Zagreb 2017, you might have assisted to the final round of the debate competition organised by the Civic Education Working Group. The debate in Zagreb was just the last step of a journey started last year in November when Balint Toronyai from AEGEE-Budapest and Doro Harles from AEGEE-Mannheim, members of the CEWG sent an open call for topics.… Read more →

Join the EPM with AEGEE-Zagreb for an Unforgettable February

For this article, we interviewed the Main Organizer Marina Klanjčić and the EPM Zagreb PR team. This statutory event will take place between the 23rd and the 27th of February. Listen to the EPM Zagreb PR Team to get to know everything about the motivation for organising an EPM and how EPM Zagreb is structured around the topic of populism.   The AEGEEan:… Read more →

EPM Leiden 2016: A Meeting Filled With AEGEE Spirit

As February is getting closer, everyone is getting more and more excited for the upcoming European Planning Meeting (EPM)  2016 hosted by AEGEE-Leiden. With a very hot topic as the “Refugees in Europe – Europe vs. the Rest: Change of Perspective?” the Core-Team in Leiden is almost ready to present their participants with an unforgettable experience including some very important sessions… Read more →

Joanna Pankowska – EPM Topic on “No Topic, Strong Focus (on Focus Areas/Action Agenda)”

At Autumn Agora Kyiv we are going to vote for the European Planning Meeting (EPM) topic and we can choose from five. Joanna Pankowska from AEGEE-Warszawa had a bold idea and proposed the topic “No topic, strong focus (on Focus Areas/Action Agenda)”. If this topic will be chosen, at the EPM Leiden 2016 we will discuss our focus area, instead… Read more →

Loes Rutten’s EPM topic on “Breaking Language Barriers”

Loes Rutten’s proposal for Autumn Agora Kyïv “Breaking language barriers”  is an educational topic that affects young people all over Europe. Language can be a rock barrier for communication and, therefore, for education as well. Asked how she came up with the idea of “Breaking language barriers: Accessibility of youth opportunities starts with a common language” as a topic for EPM, she replied:… Read more →