Interest Groups


All AEGEEans have noticed in various events wonderful feelings of hearing so many languages! Multilingualism is always a subject that involves the whole AEGEE community. 2001 was a benchmark year for AEGEE as it was when the European Day of Language (EDL) was established. It is the second oldest ongoing project after the Summer University project which aims at pointing out… Read more →

The Culture Interest Group is back, and they have a lot of plans! As Ilse Driessen, the moderator, said “No other European Body focuses on arts and culture so explicitly”

One of the Interest Groups that has returned in 2020 after some years of inactivity in AEGEE is the Culture Interest Group (CIG). It started with some important steps done during the quarantine period as the formation of a core team, the publishing of articles about stereotypes and topics in European countries, some online cinema meetings and debates or the… Read more →

Menstrual Cup

Have you ever thought about sustainability during your period? This is the moment! Many people think that a sustainable lifestyle equals an expansive lifestyle or a burdensome, complex or difficult lifestyle. This does not have to be the case at all. There are many ways in which you can decrease your environmental footprint, while at the same time making your… Read more →