Local of the Month

Local of the Month – AEGEE Heidelberg “An AEGEE event every other day, will keep [your] worries far away.”

Small, quiet, and with the sexiest penguin alive as its mascot, here comes AEGEE-Heidelberg. It is always incredibly inspiring to come across antennas that may be small but have as big a spirit as any! Heidelberg faces its challenges with creativity, enthusiasm, and great poetic skill – check the end of the article if you want proof. It believes in… Read more →

“Everyone can be the best” ~ Local of the Month, January 2021, AEGEE-Plzeň.

These are challenging months, in which the AEGEE-spirit is challenged on a daily basis – and it’s hard thinking about being the best. And because of that, our Local of the Month could not have arrived at a better moment! AEGEE-Plzeň beat all adversities and kept moving forward – an alive antenna is coming from a dead one if that… Read more →

“Our aim with the (online) exchanges was to keep the international vibes, which are so quintessential to AEGEE, alive” ~ AEGEE Tartu

They showed how one can look beyond the unfortunate current situation and still embrace the AEGEE Spirit to its fullest by organising Online Exchanges all over the Network!  They’ve been a great example to follow: meeting new people and connecting with AEGEEans, discovering different cultures, all from the comfort of your home. We are happy to announce the Local of… Read more →

“The environment is a crucial part of our road to a better and a greener Europe” ~ Local of the Month, October2020, AEGEE-Iași!

October has been a busy month for AEGEE. Despite this, this local has had a very successful recruitment campaign and took responsibility to make sure that all the new members had a smooth introduction to the association. They also started the “GO Green” initiative as part of the Generation EU project. All this while the Agora was happening! We’re happy… Read more →

Both of August’s Locals of the Month encourage us to put our fear away, but always responsibly

As we all know, all Summer Universities were cancelled this year due to the pandemic, and although it was very sad for everyone, we always have to put our health and social responsibility first. Luckily, the situation improved in some countries and two of them did the first events of the summer -respecting safety measures, of course. This is why… Read more →

Local of the month, April 2020: AEGEE-Alicante!

They have been quite active ever since their beginning. Last year was an exceedingly busy period for them, hosting several European and local activities, and this year has been no different despite the difficulties that they are facing. As they confess, AEGEE-Alicante has been organising activities for almost every day of April, but it is their enormous solidarity action that… Read more →

Local of the month, February 2020: AEGEE Barcelona!

The European Planning Meeting, an important statutory event of AEGEE Europe, was hosted this year at Barcelona! They organised an exceptional event and we are happy to introduce AEGEE Barcelona as the Local of the Month, February 2020! Congratulations on being awarded the Local of the Month! We’re to hear more about you! First of all, we want to let… Read more →

Local of the month, January 2020: AEGEE Valencia!

January sees the dawn of a new Local of the Month, and this time it’s AEGEE Valencia! After a month of celebrations in December, they decided to promote January as a month of health, having people tag AEGEE Valencia into their stories of a healthy lifestyle. We’d like to congratulate them for all the work they’re putting into AEGEE!  Congratulations… Read more →