Matteo Lai

AEGEE-Skopje: the Macedonian Antenna Specialist in Organising TSUs

AEGEE-Skopje, the only antenna in Macedonia and with 70 members, has become well known for its Travel Summer Universities (TSU). We spoke with Maria Davceva, External Relations Responsible, who told us about the results of the last Winter Event, which the Macedonian antenna organised for the International Volunteer Day. She also explains their involvement in “Democracy in Practice”  and focuses on previous… Read more →

A Suggestion for Your Future Career? EU Studies Fair is Your Solution.

Lots of young people often wonder what they can do after they have completed university in their own countries. Although many of them decide to spend up to six months in a foreign country with the Erasmus programme, others prefer to improve their future career by attending a Master’s Programme or taking a traineeship. The real problem is that sometimes these… Read more →

AEGEE-Moskva: Its Mascot, Zvezdun, and Collaborations with its Twin Antenna

In AEGEE-Moskva you can find a large board, which not only organises very interesting and original events during the year, but also is full of energy in order to carry out plans with the twin antenna, Izmir, and prepared an amazing New Year Event (NYE) in collaboration with AEGEE-Kyïv. We spoke with Maria Kochkina, 23 years old, External Relations Responsible,… Read more →

A Survey on Studying Abroad and Lifestyle

Have you ever thought to make a survey about people who study abroad? The Lifestyle in Mobility project partners did. We spoke with Svenja van der Tol, 23 years old and the Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe, who explains us something about her project involving also Erasmus students denominated “Lifestyle in Mobility”. Lifestyle in Mobility is a collaborative research project of the Catholic… Read more →

Audit Commission: A Members Group Which Likes Numbers and Money Very Much

In the AEGEE structure, you can find the Audit Commission, a two-member-group which checks AEGEE antennae’s accounting. Normally, it should have three members, but the two Commissioners elected during Autumn Agora Kyïv can count on some job shadowers. We spoke to Deborah Pistori, 26 years old, member of AEGEE-Cagliari since 2012, and Mateusz Muszalski, 23 years old, member of AEGEE-Krakòw… Read more →

The SU Organised By AEGEE-Catania is the best (again). What’s Their Secret?

AEGEE-Catania got the prize for the best Summer University four times in the last four years. We talked about it with Roberto Patané, Main Coordinator SU Catania 2015 and Elisa Tabbì, AEGEE-Catania’s former president. We asked them to explain us how they experienced being the Specialists in the creation of the Summer Universities. Located in Sicily, in AEGEE-Catania, people are all friends with… Read more →