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Think Green – Think EnWG

The Environmental Working Group (EnWG) is one of the six Working Groups in AEGEE, all of which are giving important and valuable input to the Network and build an essential part of it. Nonetheless the EnWG does believe that there are reasons why they should win the AEGEEan Award for Best Working Group 2012 and you can find them right… Read more →

Yellow shirts, Sexy Calendars and Classy Bowties – The stories behind the Nominees for the Best Merchandise Award

Different antennae in our network have different ways to promote themselves and do fundraising. Mostly used is AEGEE t-shirts of which there exist numerous different versions. Last week we heard the story about one of the most popular t-shirts, the AEGEE-Zaragoza “I love Jamón”, and this week The AEGEEan is focusing on the three other nominees of the best merchandise… Read more →

Best Dressed Girl Award

“Nossa, Nossa assim voce me mataaa, ai se eu te pego, ai ai se eu te pego,” If you do not know this song, then you must be living under a rock because it has been playing all over clubs and radios for some time now. And for sure, the same words uttered by Michel Telo’ may have come to… Read more →