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And How Was Your First Time ?

(An investigation about Winter University Tsangala&Gogona ) The place of action: Gudauri, Georgia; Time: 07/02/2013 – 14/02/2013; Suspect: AEGEE Tbilisi; Witness: 27 participants from 13 AEGEE Locals; Case # 702-1402 In 2012 the board of AEGEE-Tbilisi decided to make something new and inexperienced for their local, so the board organised the first winter university (WU) in the history of AEGEE-Tbilisi in… Read more →

SU story of the week 10 Tips: How to Get Excited (Recipe from AEGEE-Tbilisi)

1. Keep calm and follow the ‘‘Rules’’! The key to fun and excitement is the discipline and the rules that are recognised and obeyed by everyone. Traveling Summer University “GandaGana” had its own codex of rules that were hung in the TSU house. To make them more memorable and enjoyable we styled them up in a classic “Keep Calm..” phrases… Read more →

AEGEE – with a Heart for Georgia

“Such initiatives once again prove that AEGEE is not only about voting, candidates, and committees, but about people connected with each other and helping on a distance of thousands of kilometers.” This is what Olga Iatsyna, former Network Commissioner, wrote on her Facebook profile. We never thought otherwise! The members of AEGEE-Poznań united their enthusiasm and willingness to promote the cultures… Read more →