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Travel Summer University Barcelona and Valladolid: a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

There you are, in the air somewhere between your home country and the Summer University. Destination: two unforgettable weeks. Valladolid, June 20th 2014. As we arrived, tired from the more or less long travel, we just had the time to put down our luggage and choose a spot to place our air-mattress and we were immediately thrown into some ice-breaking… Read more →

AEGEE-Madrid Brings Renove Back to its roots

Renove is a common term for members of La Nave, the nickname for the locals in France, Spain, Portugal and AEGEE-Brussels/Bruxelles. This year the 4th edition of Renove will be hosted, bringing back the event to where it originally started, namely in a small village close to Madrid. AEGEE-Madrid will already host the fourth edition of Renove, but even though… Read more →

Recently updated antenna, AEGEE-Valladolid, has a lot of experience already

At Autumn Agora Zaragoza one of the Contact antennae that was upgraded was former Local of the Month AEGEE-Valladolid. An antenna that in its short lifespan in AEGEE has been organizing many things, such as Renove 2.0, Travel Summer University (TSU) together with AEGEE-Madrid and the Y Vote 2014 kick off conference a few months ago. AEGEE-Valladolid have recently been… Read more →

From Istanbul to Portugal: The Story Behind the New Contact in Covilhã

Covilhã is located in the mountainside of the biggest mountain in continental Portugal: Serra da Estrela. The mountain has the biggest natural park in Portugal and one of the most beautiful landscapes in the interior of Portugal. During the winter there are many events such as snowboard competitions and the famous “Carnaval da Neve” (Snow Carnival). People can either do… Read more →

Local of the Month: AEGEE-Valladolid organising its first event for more than 200 participants

Organising an event for 200 people is no easy task. However, it is a task that is possible to overcome, and it does not matter whether or not the antenna hosting it is young or experienced. The secret recipe is to have a strong supportive network and motivation, and the result is Renove. An event that you could read about… Read more →

Renove Version 2.0 in Valladolid

Renovar is Spanish for “Renovate”, which, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means: 1: To restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding) 2: To restore to life, vigor, or activity : revive <the church was renovated by a new ecumenical spirit> Years ago, the Spanish government started a plan called “Renove” which consisted of giving an amount of money to everyone who wanted to… Read more →

AEGEE-Valladolid is back from the Dead

A Spanish city not too far from important AEGEE cities such as Madrid or León used to be an important brick of the AEGEE Network. This city was the host of the Spring Agora 1996 and the home city of AEGEE-Europe president Pedro Panizo in 2001/02. This city is called Valladolid and they signed the Convention d’Adhésion during the recent… Read more →