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The Origin of “When You are in AEGEE”

Posting pictures of the sleeping beauties of the Network or uploading quotes on what an AEGEEan never would say are recent popular trends on Facebook for AEGEE. Joining the two there is now a new trend posting pictures making fun on what is happening in the organisation of AEGEE. The AEGEEan interviewed the people behind “When you are in AEGEE”… Read more →

Let’s be serious about AEGEE’s fun identity!

Why should we accept “fun” not as a collateral damage, but as a legitimate method of European integration, and how this could even improve AEGEE’s external image? “Sex, Drugs, and European Nights – and, uhhm, what else is AEGEE about? Oh yeah, we do exchange. And projects. And mutual understanding stuff, and actually even peace-building, they say! We have an office in… Read more →