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Where is Europe, sometimes?

Sometimes news pass unobserved. On Monday, 20th of April, in Catania, the Linguistic aperitif moved from its’ usual location (a pub near the city harbour) and not for a stupid reason. The harbour had to be the scene of one of the saddest events of the last months. More than 900 people – including 200 women and up to 50 children… Read more →

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Hungary and the Migration Situation

The Hungarian government has recently made headlines (again) with the government announcing it is going to erect a 4m high and 176 kms long fence along the Serbian-Hungarian border, investing 23 billions Forints (Hungarian currency, approx. 75 million euros), “protecting the borders of Hungary and protecting the borders of the EU”. Denying help from masses of people fleeing their war-stricken… Read more →

Immigration to and within Europe: a Potential Tool for Anti-EU Movements?

According to the latest communications released by FRONTEX (European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union), the number of immigrants who reached Europe within the first six months of 2014 is higher than the 2013 total. While waiting to see the final score for 2014, it is nice to… Read more →

Local of the Month AEGEE-Udine: “Knowledge transfer is the most important task of our local”

And the Local of the Month of July is…. AEGEE-Udine. Located in north-east of Italy, AEGEE-Udine “in the last months was the most dynamic within my area (Italian speaking locals, AEGEE-Valletta and Contact of AEGEE-Europe in Lugano ed.), and probably in the whole Network” quoting the words of Mattia Abis, Network Commissioner (AEGEE-Cagliari). We spoke with the President Alberto De… Read more →