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Meet the CIG: AEGEE’s Culture Interest Group

AEGEE’s Culture Interest Group saw a flourishing under the guide of Sergio Genovesi and Alessandro Montefameglio, previous coordinators of the CIG. Recently, new coordinators Marta Pagnini and Anna Inozemceva were elected, and they started working intensively to explore all the opportunities that this Interest Group can offer to AEGEE members. The AEGEEan interviewed them for you.   Old and new coordinators,… Read more →

Meet the Gender Equality Interest Group

The Gender Equality Interest Group was born quite recently, but we have already seen some of their proposals to take action. Their Facebook group is very active, and they strive for the world where equality of treatment is applied no matter your gender, skin colour or religion. We spoke to María Ballesteros Melero, one of the moderators of the Interest Group, to… Read more →