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Autumn Network Meeting Zaragoza: Winds of change!

Due to the fact that NWM in Zaragoza took place only a few weeks after Agora Cagliari, it was mainly organised by former NetCom Carmen María and her team, although some members of the new team (Olga Rivero’s Tripulación) were also involved in the programme preparation and presentations. Another Network Meeting (NWM), another pleasant and different experience with the members… Read more →

AEGEE-Madrid Brings Renove Back to its roots

Renove is a common term for members of La Nave, the nickname for the locals in France, Spain, Portugal and AEGEE-Brussels/Bruxelles. This year the 4th edition of Renove will be hosted, bringing back the event to where it originally started, namely in a small village close to Madrid. AEGEE-Madrid will already host the fourth edition of Renove, but even though… Read more →