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Hanna Alajõe for NetCom: “Communicating With People And Trying To Solve Problems Is Exactly What I Like To Do”

Hanna Alajõe, member of AEGEE-Tartu, is running for the position of Network Commissioner. She wants to take over the Nordic Stars, the AEGEEan asked her some questions about her candidature. The AEGEEan: You’re running for the position of Network Commissioner, what is your motivation for this position? Hanna: The simplest answer would be to say that when I started working… Read more →

AEGEE-Sankt Peterburg on organizing events with antennae further than 500 kilometers away

AEGEE-Sankt Peterburg is one of the most northern antennae in the AEGEE Network. However, that is not the most special part about this interesting antenna. Discover the story behind it in this interview with the President of AEGEE-Sankt Peterburg where you get insight details into how they motivate their many members and organise events taking place far away from their own… Read more →