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Kicking the Ball Against Racism

While many AEGEE members were spending their time green travelling with the destination Mannheim, the Sports Working Group (SWG) was hosting a football tournament for the ones already in the city. The idea behind the active afternoon was not only to raise awareness about physical activity but also to inform members about the topic of racism in sports. In a… Read more →

Kicking Racism Out of Football

In a nice, warm spring day last year, AEGEE members were kicking a football around at the first day of Spring Agora Enschede. This will happen again this year in Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar with some more organisations ensuring to raise awareness about the fight against racism. The Sports Working Group (SWG) keeps working with Policy Officer on Social Inclusion Stephanie Müller… Read more →

Bringing IDAHO to AEGEE

Idaho might remind the geography brains about some place in the United States of America, but it is obviously not the Idaho that the Sports Working Group (SWG) will bring to AEGEE. Lately, the SWG has been working with two policy officers on two different, but yet a bit similar subjects; organising events combating homophobia and racism in AEGEE. Recently,… Read more →