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AEGEE-Berlin, LoM of January: “We will Continue Spreading our Awesomeness”

The month of January brought us a new Local of the Month: AEGEE-Berlin showed a movie about AEGEE members’ life and is organising not only an event for the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, but also a SU in cooperation with AEGEE-Lviv. The board talks about an exchange with AEGEE-Kyiv. Get more information about this active antenna.  … Read more →

SUPS: Summer University POWER School

Originally planned in December in Cluj-Napoca, the Summer University Project School had to be postponed to March due to a lack of participants. Now, from the 5th to the 12th of March, the Romanian city will host 25 participants and trainers who are eager to share all their secrets about the Summer University project. Deadline for applications: 31th of January.¬†… Read more →