The AEGEEans Choice Awards 2014

On the initiative of The AEGEEan former editors Szabo Kata (Beyond AEGEE) and Patricia Anthony (AEGEE-København) The AEGEEan organised “The AEGEEans’ Choice Awards” for the first time in 2012 and was repeated in 2013 – honouring the creative and effective locals, members and European level bodies of AEGEE. The awards will return in 2014 with repetition of some awards and addition of some new.

What is The AEGEEans’ Choice Awards?

The AEGEEans’ Choice Awards is the awards that strive to reward AEGEEans for contributing to making our Network something special every year! The awards is hosted by The AEGEEan and the votes are made by you – the AEGEEans, so in this way we came up with the name “The AEGEEans’ Choice Awards”

Who can be nominated?

For the different categories it is possible to nominate people, locals and european level bodies who stood out in the calender year prior to the awards. Meaning the ones being rewarded in Spring Agora 2014 did well in the calender year (January – December) of 2013.

How does The AEGEEan find these nominees? The AEGEEan will have a jury of three people for each category responsible for finding the five nominations for each category. These nominations will be based on your nominations that you can submit here. or at the bottom of this page.

How will you be able to vote? You can vote right here

Who can suggest nominationsEverybody! Only rule is that you cannot nominate yourself or your own antenna.

When can you suggest nominationsFrom January 9th until January 30th 2014 at 23.59 CET.

When will you be able to vote?  From March 10th until April 21st 2014 at 23.59 CET.

When and where will the award ceremony take place?:  The AEGEEan is working on organising an award ceremony to take part in Spring Agora Patra.

List of categories:

Most impressive roll call: honouring the locals that make an effort to bring smiles on the faces of the statutory events participants. Only roll calls that took place at EBM Valletta, Agora Rhein-Neckar and Agora Zaragoza can be nominated.

Most active Working Group: The Working Groups carry out many interesting activities and at The AEGEEans Choice Awards the members of AEGEE choose the one that has been most active in 2013.

Best team achievement: Together Everyone Achieves More and there are many things that a team can do. This awards honors the best team achievement of 2013!

Most successful thematic event: The Action Agenda and Strategic Plan are highly important for AEGEE and at The AEGEEans Choice Awards the best of the best are honored for prioritizing the thematics of AEGEE.

Best Video: There are many creative and gifted AEGEE members that use hours and hours into making video promotion for AEGEE and the best one of 2013 will be named at Agora Patra.

Most creative merchandise: cups, t-shirts, stickers, hats and more are all different types of merchandise that carry the AEGEE logo somehow and at The AEGEEans Choice Awards the most creative of 2013 will be honoured.

Most original mascot: Almost all antennae have a mascot and many European Level bodies have one as well but which antenna, Working Group or Project Team has put the most thoughts into the choice of theirs?

Most outstanding AEGEE moment: One of the new categories as previously mentioned aimed to point out which moment was the biggest and most important of AEGEE during the year of 2013.

Most effective recruitment action: Another new category, this one honoring the antennae that are successful in terms of using different actions to get new members to contribute to the growth of AEGEE.

Most inspiring local activity: Antennae organise things that are not European events but that does not give them less significance. This award has been added to highlight the actions antennae do on a local level and give inspiration to the rest of the organisation.


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