Something you didn’t know about AEGEE-Yerevan

Name: AEGEE-Yerevan

Founded: September 2010

Motto: Ցանկանու՞մ ես լինել մեզանից մեկը, գերազանցի’ր մեզ:

The translation from Armenian is roughly this  “If you want to be like us, do better than us!”. Motivating, isn’t it?

Funny fact about local:

When the contact in Yerevan had just started, future president of the local Shushan was receiving e-mails from new members starting with “Dear Mrs Khachatryan”, or “Dear Honorary Sirs”. Back then, using a very official language of communication seemed natural for AEGEE. However, only during their first Agora where AEGEE-Yerevan signed the CdA, they understood how friendly and open everybody in AEGEE is and that they can easily avoid such official language.


Starting with an opening ceremony for 200 guests after the Agora Istanbul, throughout the year AEGEE-Yerevan organised  a Youth UnEmployment Action Day with around 200 participants, an EU Awareness Action Day with about 80 participants, a Higher Education Day for more than 100 participants, a Summer University and a meeting for the Eastern Partnership Project.

Nominated for:

September 2011 was  a very special month for AEGEE-Yerevan. During this month they somehow not only managed to celebrate their first anniversary as AEGEE local – which was a very special holiday with lots of wishes, text messages and even videos recorded by friendly locals and CD members and even with huge birthday cake. Do you see how they have seriously grown up in only one year?

However, this is not all. AEGEE-Yerevan was invited for a personal meeting with the President of the Republic of Armenia. Among all Armenian NGOs only 30 organisations were chosen for an official meeting with the President to discuss the current situation of non-governmental organisations in the country.

It took only one year for a small AEGEE local in a faraway Caucasus country to become a serious, respected, and well-known organisation in the region and this is just the beginning of the development of AEGEE-Yerevan.

written by Olga Iatsyna, AEGEE Dnipropetrovsk

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