It’s called love…

We often hear words such as “Network”, “Projects”, “Training Courses”, “Commission”, and “CD”.

But who is really hiding behind all those “big” words? What do these entities which keep AEGEE running even mean?

I wonder if it could be described within few sentences or words.

A whole Network implementing projects, Training Courses following certain procedures by Commissions and run by the CD. That was not very helpful, was it?

For over 3 years now, I have been a member of AEGEE. I joined, as most of you, simply because I wanted to travel and visit countries that sounded like a dream to me.

Back then,  little did I know about who is hiding behind all that. Who is responsible and organising everything.

During the last year I decided to answer an open call and see first-hand what on earth is happening out there.

I met up with students like myself who are spending hours and hours of their lives thinking, programming, communicating, implementing, and working hard on their dreams. I saw young people dreaming of equality, true and meaningful education, and human rights. People who have goals and follow them with all their heart whilst knowing that they will get nothing in return, but:

A United Europe, a better future for us all.

These young people could have spent those few free hours of their student life drinking coffee with friends, going out, spending time shopping.

Instead, they all worked hard for what we enjoy right now: The chance of travelling around the European continent free and cheerful.

This power is called love. Love for your dreams, love for the future, love for AEGEE.

So next time you will be travelling somewhere, remember that behind this single travel many students have spent hours in front of their computers working hard for what you are about to enjoy!

I would like to thank all those really hard-working volunteers who keep dreaming and loving for 26 years already…


written by Sofia Zafeiri, AEGEE Larissa