Shaping Perspectives

For most of the readers of “The AEGEEan” this word combination is unknown, especially for new AEGEE  members. Nevertheless, we all know for sure that this is not just an empty and important-sounding word combination which cannot and does not make any difference in our lifes. Yes, there are people in our Network who have turned this word combination into a personal bet for their activities and trying to achieve it by all means.

Since the day of its establishment in 1997 the International Politics WG has been one of the key WG’s in our network and has contributed to the development of many big European level projects which in their turn have made our network more active and interested in international politics. As is widely known, AEGEE-Europe and AEGEE antennae are non-political formations and they are not pursuing political goals and tasks.  However, like all other AEGEE members, I truly believe that each citizen of our motherland Europe, and especially the youth, has to be well-informed about the various international political processes taking place around the world.  Most of the present pan-European movements and initiatives are results not only of mutual understanding of the EU member States and their partners, but they are also an expression of their political will; the will to share equal rights and freedoms around Europe; the will to establish democracy and the rule of law state in our continent; the will to have well-organised and open trade economies; the will to create and develop more a secure world without conflicts, threats and challenges. We believe that WE, the youth of Europe, have the necessary potential, knowledge, and experience and we are the persons who will shape perspectives for future.

I, as the Secretary of the IPWG and on behalf of the entire Working Group and its board, want to thank everybody for this wonderful initiative. The initiative will get a lot of feedback in future and will strengthen relations between different parts, locals and Working Groups of our network and will contribute to more involvement of AEGEE members in the European level activities.

Take this letter as just a little introduction of the International Politics WG and wait for more and much moreeeeeeee from our WG.

written by Armenak Minasyanc, AEGEE Yerevan